3 Used Wagons In Singapore That Can Lug A Neighbourhood Worth Of Christmas Hampers

3 Used Wagons In Singapore That Can Lug A Neighbourhood Worth Of Christmas Hampers

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
14 Dec 2022

It’s the season of giving, and this year makes it all the more special given full resumption of activities. While some might play it safe and celebrate in small factions, others prefer to make merry in droves in a bid to make up for nearly 1,000 days of pandemic-stricken “stagnation”.

What could then work as the perfect Christmas sleigh? Hatchbacks come to mind, but some credible options require rear seats to be folded, which defeats the purpose of a fuss free load carrier. SUVs were considered, but their raised riding stature and higher centre of gravity often transpire to a less engaging drive. Santa (or us drivers in real world speak) needs a potent mobile for load lugging, and wagons fit the bill like hand in glove. These three stretched examples ooze delightful performance credentials to ensure presents get delivered on time…

Ford Focus wagon

Aren’t Fast Fords reserved only for those with ST or RS insignias? Sure, fairly modern performance Fords might be defined by their unique sounding, punchy (ironically Volvo-sourced) 5-cylinder turbocharged engines, but we’d argue that these wouldn't have worked out so well without the dynamically-sorted foundations harvested by compact segment examples like the Fiesta and Focus. Sales of the 2nd-gen Focus paled in comparison to its hatchback sibling in Singapore, but that does not have a direct relation to its capability. In this wagon, you’re still able to prepare for challenging corners by letting the chassis carry its weight to load up the front rubbers, and steer with a level of confidence that belie the true purpose of family estates. Fords in the mid 2000s were built differently, and this Focus wagon equipped with a 1.6-litre NA motor and 4-speed automatic is no exception.

Subaru Legacy wagon

The 4th-gen Legacy wagon arrived in a period where category B COEs barely exceeded S$13k. While we can continue to lament more affordable COEs of yesteryears, we prefer to commemorate the fact that we can still purchase a wagon that exudes such old school emotional appeal. A turbocharged EJ25 sat beneath the hood, capable of churning 250bhp. Purists might prefer the JDM-spec 2-litre EJ20 engine, but the larger capacity EJ25 still packs plenty of character especially when examined in modern day context. Some branded the BP-coded Legacy wagon as the ultimate grocery getter - no surprise given that it has 20% more boot space than a current-gen Civic. Storage capacity increases threefold with rear seats tucked in. Fret not if Christmas hampers this year are fragile in nature - AWD assurance will ensure a fully-spooled turbo is kept in check.

Skoda Octavia vRS Combi

We still find it a mystery as to why Skoda hasn't gained as much traction here compared to some markets in Europe. It could be design-related, or sheer marketing mastery of Volkswagen and Audi in Singapore. Skodas have always been the more affordable (but no less innovative) alternative among Volkswagen Group offerings, and when the model in question has a vRS badge slapped on the boot, this smells like a winning recipe for us. In wagon guise it could be all the vehicle you need, too. Interestingly, the 2nd-gen Skoda Octavia Combi vRS shares its foundations with the Mk2 Audi TT, which goes to show how flexible this platform is. It is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged EA-coded engine established on countless VW Group performance variants like the VW GTI and Audi S3, albeit in a different state of tune. Pair it with a 6-speed DSG capable of smooth, rapid-fire shifts and there you have an interpretation worthy of re-enacting elegant reindeers hauling sleighs in 6-inch-deep snow.

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