Amazing road trips

Amazing road trips

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
23 Sep 2013

Trip 2: Munich to Salzburg

This is a much longer trip than trip 1 and depending on your chosen pace, this could be a 3 – 5 day trip or a full-day return journey in an M5. Regardless of what you choose, there will be stretches of autobahn on the way to Austria giving the cars ample chances to spread their wings.

You’ll be driving past the towering Bavarian Alps and will come to understand how the hills spring to life with the sound of music. Should you resist the urge to charge to Salzburg and take in its cultural sights, do explore the world famous Deutsche Alpenstrasse that passes through lakes, castles, palaces and resorts. The route proper begins in the town of Bregenz and heads eastwards towards Salzburg, but drivers from Munich can opt to intersect the route about midway in the stretch from Penzberg onwards.

There are plenty of panoramic alpine views to be had, along with treasure troves of uniquely Bavarian culture littered along the way. The drive will be a lot more challenging during the winter months, but that gives you the opportunity to see the snowy German landscape looking like it has just received a coat of marzipan in one of the many local bakeries.

Drive safe, everyone!

Credits: Story and Photos by Bruce Young

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