Car Rental Listings On Carousell Are Getting More Interesting

Car Rental Listings On Carousell Are Getting More Interesting

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
18 Oct 2023

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact reason why we rent cars, with purposes so diversified till it might even make sense for car renters to offer quirkier models. We’d welcome this idea with open arms - it seemed like a distant memory when car rental companies narrowed efforts to offer only two categories: family cars and exotics.

While options nowadays still largely swing towards these two brackets, offering a stronger lifestyle lean often reap more rewards. Gone are the days where car rentals operate solely via websites and landlines - fuss free and appealing car rental options on Carousell prove that journeys are equally (if not more) important than the destination itself.

MINI Cooper S Countryman

Erm, isn’t this a car we often see? Sure, but to have it listed as a rental makes for a pleasant surprise. For S$79 (or S$150 per day depending on the terms) to sample a more fizzy version of a regular Countryman doesn’t sound like a king’s ransom in this climate of towering COE premiums. Not all daily rentals are Toyotas and Hondas - this MINI Cooper S Countryman is well worth a shot.

McLaren MP4-12C

If its carbonfibre composite chassis does not make you go wow, dihedral doors could do the trick. The McLaren MP4-12C might be a decade old but even in this electrified age, the energy it musters from the twin turbo V8 motor can still qualify as properly thrilling. This unit comes fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust - so a sonorous, heart-thumping sound is guaranteed if you’re in the mood for some hooning.

Audi S5 cabriolet

Are convertibles even a thing now? It almost seems like a requirement nowadays to fit every new EV into a compact crossover or midsize SUV mould. Drop tops used to draw flak due to its weight penalty over its coupe sibling (and resulting scuttle shake due to a lack of rigidity), but none of these really matter when you’re driving at cruising speeds in a chopped 2-door Audi. Time has been kind to the S5 cabrio - it looks more gorgeous than before!

Suzuki Swift Sport

This selection might split opinions, but it’s getting increasingly tough to rent a car with a manual gearbox. For those that prefer more engagement behind the wheel, it doesn’t get much better (and more affordable) than the Suzuki Swift Sport. For S$70 (or S$100 a day depending on the terms), turn back time to relive memories of childhood - a period where EVs barely existed, and you had to work for your speed.


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