Celebrating SG50 and 30 years of Porsche in Singapore

Celebrating SG50 and 30 years of Porsche in Singapore

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
27 Jul 2015

Held on the 24th July 2015, the Porsche Circuit was an exhibition to celebrate 30 years of Porsche in Singapore together with SG50. Porsche cars are exclusively sold by Stuttgart Auto, a part of the Eurokars group.

The exhibition showcased several interesting things about Porsche, including six generations of the venerable 911, as well as Porsche’s Le Mans winning cars and drivers.

Porsche fans were immediately greeted with Porsche Design lifestyle accessories the moment they stepped in the door, a great place to start picking out affordable (relative to the cars) Porsche items such as shirts, bags, shoes and even watches. Porsche Design is the luxury lifestyle arm of Porsche, and aims to bring about motoring and motorsport inspired themes to everyday fashion items.

Past the Porsche Design booth, a slew of Porsches awaited. Not for driving of course, much to our dismay; but on the bright side (quite literally, as the spot lights were on full throttle), all the available Porsche models were on display.

Fans of the Porsche brand will immediately spot the all-new 991 911 GT3 RS, which was clad in bright orange, showing off its large rear spoiler much like a proud orange peacock. To its right was an exclusive SG50 911 Turbo S, decked out in black white and red and with lots of iconic bits such as retro styled wheels, a throwback to a certain era of 911s that eagle eyed spotters would note.

Amongst the other more ‘normal’ cars on display were the popular Macan, in S guise, as well as its big brother the Cayenne. The polarising Panamera was also on the floor, together with its e-hybrid twin. Not forgetting the ever popular Boxster, another Porsche staple on our roads. The Targa 4 GTS as well as the Cayman GTS also sat nearby, completing the circle of modern Porsches set in a large circle right in the middle of the hall.

A walk round the exhibition will take you past several dedicated areas, each highlighting an important aspect about Porsche and Stuttgart Auto. A special wall was dedicated to Mr Karsono Kwee, founder and Chairman of Eurokars group, who runs one of the most successful Porsche dealerships in the world. Stuttgart Auto has been the sole dealer of Porsches in Singapore since 1985, and has seen substantial growth over the last three decades.

Another wall featured the caring heart of Porsche, which involved charity events done by Porsche to benefit the community. Porsche Asia Pacific, Stuttgart Auto and SportCares Singapore jointly set up a fun and exciting project for 50 kids from SportCares. Nicholas Foo, a LEGO certified professional, helped the kids create an artwork of a one-of-a-kind LEGO mural of an exclusive Porsche model, the aforementioned SG50 911 Turbo S.

As part of efforts to help these underprivileged kids from SportsCares, 50 kids were driven around the downtown area in 50 Porsches, courtesy of Porsche Club Singapore. This was an extremely memorable event for the kids, who were provided a thrilling ride in these sports cars for the first time in their lives.

Porsche also showcased their range of bicycles, from everyday useable models all the way to high end full carbon fibre ones, which could be used for competitive cycling.

Not forgetting the kids while daddies and mummies go out to play with sports cars, children have a fun zone where they could learn about road safety and driving in a kids’ driving school. Simulators were also set up together with remote control cars racing and other indoor entertainment. No event is complete without food, and a wide range of hawker delights to highlight Singapore's 50th birthday was available for hungry visitors.

Don't forget to check out what our writer thought of 3 of the latest Porsches, including some GTS models and a Turbo!

Credits: Story and Photos by Alvan Sio

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