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OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
25 Oct 2013

To put it simply, a paint sealant is a synthetic coating that you apply after polishing which helps to protect the paint from various substances and harmful chemicals that are swept up off the road and onto your paint. Due to its strong bonding availability compared to wax, which only sit on your paint work, it has better ability to repel anything fluid that comes into contact with, minimising the chances of dreaded waterspots from forming on the paint work. It also helps to prevent the chemicals in bird droppings to penetrate into the clear coat.

Of course, the list of things harmful to your paint stretches beyond water and bird poo. Various car shampoos used to clean your car can cause damage too, especially those used at car washes, which are highly acidic. Also, excessive polishing will cause the clearcoat to become too thin, and any further polishing after that step would result in a costly respray.

To help out those that want to better protect their paintjobs, Seeker has rolled out a bunch of products which can aid in creating a long lasting smooth glossy finish that so many are after. So what is Seeker’s secret to that smooth glossy shine? It is their advanced dual-layer synthetic glass coating!

Steps in the application of the Seeker glass coating.

Remove old waxes, contaiminates and light scratches from paint work by using seeker clay bar, followed by scratch remover compound and then final gloss compound polishing. Your car is now totally clean and fit to apply Seeker glass coat. Seeker Coat 1 is a unqiue synthetic crystal coat designed to bond firmly to the paint work and microsopically fills imperfections to create a uniform and flat surface that gleams in the sunlight.

Demo of the Seeker coat in action!

Once Coat 1 has been applied, a protectant is needed to seal the shine. This comes in the form of the X-3, which is a glass coat protector. This serves as the paint’s final protection against UV, high temperatures, acid rain and other harmful substances from etching into your paintwork. The X-3 coat also protects and enhances paint colours, giving your car an everlasting smooth glassy finish

After gaining much popularity in the Thai market with over 50 outlets retailing their products, Seeker is now making its debut in Singapore...

For more info on the Seeker line of paint refinishing compounds, head on over to

Credits: Story by Low Jek Ray, Photos by Seeker

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