Electric dreams

Electric dreams

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
20 Jun 2013

However, the advantage of such an electric power train configuration is unmistakable. Combined, the A1 e-tron gives an incredible consumption figure of 52.6km/L. More than anything we’ve ever tested here in the Oneshift office to be frank. A carbon emission of just 45g/km means that if the A1 e-tron were on sale right now, it would be eligible for a whopping $20,000 rebate off its sticker price.


As a technology demonstrator, the A1 e-tron is more matured than most concepts. In fact, according to Audi spokesperson, Lee Nian Tjoe, “The A1 e-tron is very advanced for a research project and if needed, we have the technology in place to produce a production model for the mass market. Granted time will be needed for factory tooling but much of the technology used in the e-tron is available now.”

Proof that the A1 e-tron goes far beyond its research role and clearly demonstrates that if put into production, it just might be the most practical electric car available for the mass market.

Credits: Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by Audi Singapore

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