First Drive: Denza D9 Electric

First Drive: Denza D9 Electric

James Wong
James Wong
30 Oct 2023
The major appeal of the D9 is its interior.

Electric people movers make a whole lot of sense, as we found when we test drove the Maxus MIFA 9.

The Denza D9 is another example of its kind, which is set to arrive in Singapore in 2024. Denza used to be a 50:50 joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz focusing on electric vehicles. In 2021, BYD bought most of Mercedes’ stake in the company, leaving the German company with just a 10% share. Denza is the upmarket wing of BYD’s car empire.

We got the chance to try the D9 briefly in Shenzhen while visiting BYD’s headquarters, and here are our quick thoughts.

Incredible refinement
On a short circuit around the HQ, I got to experience the amazing quietness of the D9. Yes, it’s electric, but wind and tyre noise can still intrude if an EV isn’t well-insulated, but this isn’t the case for the D9 at all. It is literally whisper-silent.

The suspension is also set for maximum comfort, which makes a whole lot of sense for this class of car. Being chauffeured in one is probably going to be one of the most relaxing ways to travel.

And it doesn’t feel all that unwieldy to drive. As with these tall, boxy vehicles, visibility is great and it’s easy to gauge when parking. The steering is also reasonably tuned, being predictable if a tad light.

Plush interior
The major appeal of the D9 that might just tip buyers over from the MIFA 9 is its interior. There is a more sensible layout of controls, with a better UX-focused design.

Although the version we tried is probably loaded with options, we were also really impressed with how luxurious and well-built it felt. There was ample space for almost the whole contingent of Singaporean journalists in the car!

All eyes on the D9’s arrival now, which can only bring cheer to consumers with more options available in the market.

Photos by James Wong


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