Hybrid or go home

Hybrid or go home

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
12 Jun 2014

After my impressive drive in the GS Hybrid, it’s easy to forget that Lexus has its roots firmly planted as a luxury marque. And the rest of the line-up proved that to great effect. The common characteristic among the other models we drove ( CT200h, RX Hybrid, ES Hybrid, LS Hybrid) was the comfort exuded by each of them.

The high standards of luxury and build quality continues to be evident even in their entry-level CT200h. Despite being at the lower rung of the model range, there was nothing ‘entry-level’ about its performance, interior finishing and comfort. None of the hallmarks of the brand were missing. And the effect of the marque becomes more astounding as you move up the model range.

The RX is a complete reversal of a gas guzzling SUV with its clever hybrid management system. It encompasses all the space and luxury of an upmarket SUV with none of the drawbacks of a thirsty powerplant.

But the stately LS600h is the one most coveted. Whether driving or driven, the LS flagship is a pleasure to be in. As a driver, you get to experience the robust lazy nature of its 5.0-litre V8 that purrs reassuringly when cruises at motorway speeds Fast or slow, the car rewards with a pliant ride that tricks you into believing you’re back in the womb.

However as a passenger, you enter the automotive equivalent of Disneyland with its plethora of entertainment available. You have control over the infotainment systems and if you feel like it, the Ottoman seats can be reclined into a comfortable flat-bed to while away extended journeys.

Credits: Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by Lexus Singapore

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