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Important Car Features That Pregnant Lady Drivers Should Not Overlook

Speed can take a back seat this time to let safety and convenience run the show.
Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
20 Sep 2023

While it’s true that stratospheric COE premiums often dampen hopes during car shopping in Singapore, we’re still compelled to narrow priorities we want in a car down to a handful - there’s no perfect car (unless you dig deep to consider “sleeper cars”). What if you have four kids? A Toyota Sienta should make a decent conversation starter. If you frequent Malaysia on a weekly basis, a diesel-powered hatchback capable of 1,000km per fill sounds like a brilliant idea.

What if the primary driver is a pregnant lady? It might be wise to adopt an approach that places importance on safety, comfort and convenience. While these are factors most manufacturers strive to achieve, there are a couple of relatively affordable, standout samples within Carousell’s used car classifieds well worth shortlisting. Let’s have a look:

What car features should a pregnant lady look out for?

Comfort and adjustability

What makes a car comfortable for pregnant ladies?

Perhaps the single most important factor for pregnant ladies will be comfort behind the wheel. Manual seats are still efficient and much faster than electric options, but the latter makes operation smoother, more seamless. Find a car with an electric driver seat, with an added bonus of electric lumbar support - most higher spec Mk6 Golfs provide this feature.

Comfort could be impeded during stop start traffic too, which brings us to a more technical, yet relatable aspect. Your choice of gearbox matters, and for fuss free activities, torque convertor automatics might fit the bill (unless you’re into newer single speed gears in EVs, but that often raise price points). This is where Mazda, a brand that refuses to trade driving engagement for CVT efficiency, excels - a Mazda 3 ticks this box, without breaking the bank.

Loaded with safety features

What cars are considered very safe for pregnant ladies?

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, Volvos would have stood out in terms of safety. Sure, they are still tough as nails (like this XC90 built like a tank), but others have caught up. They have thrown in all possible party tricks and made a host of them standard (phew). A Forester with EyeSight technology can ease some frustrations in city traffic, while a W204-gen Mercedes-Benz, while not stocked with safety tech, provides the old school “heavy metal” solidity required in any unforeseen situation.

Ease of entry and exit

Which cars have wide door openings for pregnant ladies?

This is where we’ll attempt to offer offbeat choices. Kei cars are sensible choices - they’re compact, yet smartly packaged to supply heaps of space. Think of it as a well-engineered fridge with hinges that open wide. The Honda N-WGN might have a small footprint, but it defies logic by being so practical. Just attempt to sit inside - flat seats and plenty of knee room are secondary to its ability to offer unrivalled ingress. Add Nissan’s X-Trail e-POWER and Subaru’s WRX in your shortlist, too.

If kei cars are not your cup of tea, aim for one that has plenty of headroom. A Mazda 5 could work, or stick with a tried-and-tested Honda Jazz. The latter might have fallen victim to hard-hitting COE premiums, but it still hasn't lost its functional appeal for sure.

Interior and cargo space

Does a pregnant lady require a lot of interior space?

The Jazz will also excel in this category with its cinema-style folding rear bench, but a strong case can be made for others too. A Hyundai i30 wagon can be yours for way less than S$1,000 depreciation per month, placing bang for buck ratios well in your favour. Volkswagen’s Golf SV are far and few between, but not many can match its errand-centric appeal.

And we’ll not leave this conversation without mentioning the fleet of pre-loved Skodas for sale, from the familiar Octavia liftback to the high-riding Kodiaq. They seem to swallow anything being thrown at them, and yet return fuel efficiency figures that defy logic and physics. They aren’t as cheap as they used to be, but nothing else is nowadays!


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