Ladies In Red: 4 Used Cars Showered In The Most Intense Colour In The World

Ladies In Red: 4 Used Cars Showered In The Most Intense Colour In The World

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
27 Jul 2023

While it’s arguable that car designs alone have the ability to stir emotions, first impressions are often gathered by what colours they’re drenched in. Local debuts of Lotus Electre’s Solar Yellow, Opel Astra in Amber Yellow and the yellowish-lime hue of the latest Hyundai Kona Hybrid make for glorious media imagery, amplifying blistered wheel arches and sleek rooflines much more effectively than darker hues.

Although those that like to play devil’s advocate will suggest that understated, yet sinister hues of the Polestar 2 BST edition 230 and Mercedes-AMG E 63 S does well to supply that dark side required in every alter ego, one cannot deny the beauty of exploring more adventurous colour palettes.

Red is known to be the most intense colour in colour psychology, serving to provoke the strongest of emotions. Mind, we need not take a scientific approach to realise how good Alfas look in “Rosso Alfa”, let alone a Ferrari coated in “Rosso Corsa”. Carousell’s used car classifieds might be home to more than 10,000 deals, but these ladies in red don't come by often…

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback A250 AMG Line

Those keen on an A-Class might chance upon colour options in the configurator - a Manufaktur Patagonia Red Metallic could be had on a new A 180 Progressive for an additional S$1,300. This A250 AMG Line example does not boast the deep metallic hue of its facelifted successor, but it’s no less elegant when paired with a black leather interior. 64 colours worth of ambient lighting comes as standard, so you’re never short on going all-in on red right from the get-go.

Mazda 6 sedan 2.0

If you’ve had a chance to visit regional motor shows the past few years, you might be able to notice Mazda’s intent to promote one particular colour - Soul Red Crystal Metallic. Imagine massive booths occupied by Mazdas of all shapes and sizes from ND MX-5s to the CX-9 drenched in the same hue. Some markets are charging upwards of S$500 for this colour option, but you can get a pre-owned, 1 owner Mazda 6 here without breaking the bank.

BMW M4 Coupe Competition Launch Edition

What exactly is Toronto Red? It’s a pear orangish red colour introduced by BMW as a factory hue from 2018. The X3 and X4 M were chosen to debut this colour, which extracts its naming from the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. You might also recall hero images of the latest M2 in Toronto Red “metallic”, which gets a bit confusing as we now need to grab hold of colour codes to define exact hues. But this BMW M4 Coupe in Competition spec wears it so well, you’ll (probably) never question its attention-grabbing ability ever again.

SEAT Arona 1.0

While Volkswagen shoulders the responsibility of producing bread and butter cars within VW Group, Skoda goes about its duty delivering simple, yet clever solutions (think hidden umbrellas and secret storage compartments). And then we have SEAT, the Spanish manufacturer also owned VW Group given the green light to apply more flair on their lineup. The Arona was once crowned OneShift’s city-chic SUV of the year, and when specced in this aptly-named Desire Red colour, transforms it into a spicy lil’ chilli padi.


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