Market Watch: Fuss Free Used Cars We Can Buy At Less Than S$1,000 Depreciation Per Month

Market Watch: Fuss Free Used Cars We Can Buy At Less Than S$1,000 Depreciation Per Month

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
14 Mar 2024

The world of electrification has come a long way even in its relatively short lifespan. Majority of the population were (and still are) craving for supercar-rivalling builds in sleek, crossover suits. Attention was subsequently shared with stuff like how long EVs can last per charge, not forgetting the rage about how fast they can juice up on a single charge.

It seemed like ages ago when first adopters stepped on the playing field, aiming to cross borders to places less explored. 4,000km road trips? No sweat. More have done so with success rates well documented.

And then perceptions on EVs seemed to have shifted in recent months. Issues of battery degradation and how rapid charging could chew up your battery life popped up. Then came the costs of EV repairs so massive that some prefer to continue driving without getting them fixed, if possible.

Place Toyota’s conservative, continuous bet towards self charging hybrids and BMW’s growing fleet of hydrogen fuel cell cars (HFCV) - a solution that should grow exponentially from their humble figure fleet of 15,000 (all in California). All of a sudden, lines seem to be blurred right at the bleeding edge of tech.

Could we see a perception shift back to internal combustion engines? Although that’s a tough ask, ICE-powered cars have records of reliability, heritage and workshop know-how to bestow consumers with precious peace of mind - something that new tech at a scale as complex as EVs simply can’t match, yet.

If you’re the sort who likes to play the waiting game, watch this transitionary car world unfold without making risky moves. There’s plenty of fuss free, proven cars on sale listed on Carousell’s used car classifieds today. No drama, no hype, no holes in wallets - here are some picks of the bunch.

2008 Toyota Corolla Altis

Is boring the new cool? Arguably so, when the model in question is a 16 year old Altis. It might have its tech, efficiency and aesthetics overruled by modern iterations (even within Toyota’s ranks), but the fact that there are still so many on local roads and beyond speaks volumes about its reliability. It just works, and sometimes isn't that just what we want in a car?

2012 Honda Civic

The ninth-gen Civic didn't quite live up to the eighth-gen’s billing in terms of desirability, but it’s a blank slate when we’re deep into fuss free used car discussions. Cast the net wide and chances are ninth-gen Civics would have caught the bait. Some would have been a couple of years into its 2nd COE cycle, like this unit. Drive it for 8 more years, follow service intervals and replace only wear and tear parts. The world is moving at a supersonic pace, but these Civics are built to withstand the test of time.

2011 Suzuki Swift Sport

Finding a Swift Sport looking close to factory spec is almost impossible nowadays, but chances will increase if the model in question is an automatic. “Sport” designation aside, it’s a highly relevant city runabout with a small footprint and a chassis that’s both playful and confidence inspiring. Repair costs for wear and tear parts are not dreadful, and given that its featherweight, replacement intervals for tyres and suspension components are not frequent.

2008 Toyota Camry

Another Toyota on the list won’t surprise us. Their indestructible nature of engineering extends way back to the noughties, and the Camry arguably represented peak Toyota back then. The XV40 was the first Camry with a hybrid option, which we know went on to serve millions of satisfied customers. Our pick though involves a 2.4-litre non-hybrid Camry, with wood interior panels no less. Given how we get anxious over range, spare parts and not in possession of the next best thing, just the thought of getting in and drive is a luxury in itself.


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