OneShift & Carousell Autos Staff Interview: Bernard Lim

OneShift & Carousell Autos Staff Interview: Bernard Lim

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
30 Mar 2022

Bernard Lim (better known as Berji), is the unofficial leader of the group of enthusiasts who work for OneShift/Carousell Autos.

We speak to him to find out more about his life, his passions and his work.

What’s your name and how old are you?

Bernard (most people call me by my nickname, Berji). 37 years old.

What do you do at Carousell?

I am the Category Manager of the Singapore automotive segment in Carousell.

What car do you drive, and why?

I drive a Honda Civic FD2 Type R. Few reasons why this is my car of choice:

It has great pedigree – strong heritage, high value. At the same time, it is the “last of the NA Type R”, making it something of a fantastic collectible.

It is a manual car – I love to drive stick because it makes me feel engaged and in control of my actions. Plus, it’s not a car that everyone can easily jump in to drive, so many of my friends can’t borrow my car easily.

It is widely regarded as one of the top performance cars in the world, and, when compared to all the models that hold the Type R badge, it is also considered one of the best ever made. Plus, the car shifts silky smooth – Honda makes the best manual transmission boxes in the world.

How did Carousell help your car buying/selling?

Carousell has been a significant part of my life throughout my car ownership journey. Even before joining, I have used Carousell in its early days and have gotten success particularly with the buying and selling of car parts, including engine, gearbox and transmission. Specific to buying and selling, while most of the cars I’ve owned so far have been through direct friend referrals, some were bought and sold on Carousell itself.

Your favourite past time?

Prior to Covid, and when Pasir Gudang was still accessible, one of my favourite past times was to track at the Johor circuit. Other than that, I loved exploring Japan and playing football.

Credits: Text by James Wong; Photos by Horizon Drivers' Club

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