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OneShift & Carousell Autos Staff Interview: Louis Kok

We speak with Louis Kok, Account Manager for the Autos Category at Carousell Autos, to find out more about him, his work and his hobbies.
James Wong
James Wong
21 Sep 2022

Louis Kok is part of the group of enthusiasts who work for OneShift/Carousell Autos.

We speak to him to find out more about his life, his passions and his work.

What’s your name and how old are you?

I'm Louis, 34 years old.

What do you do at Carousell?

I'm an Account Manager in Autos category, handling merchants dealing with rental and car dealerships.

What car do you drive, and why?

My daily 'donkey' is the Lotus Elise S. Many say it isn’t a daily drivable car and my reasons are:

  • It runs the Toyota 1ZZ engine, so it is a breeze to upkeep.
  • It is a fun and attention seeking car (mini supercar lookalike)
  • I love the raw driving feel (similar to karting)
  • Trying out other car/engine makers as I’ve driven a handful of Honda's best production engine types i.e B/K/F/L Series

How did Carousell help your car buying/selling?

Though the Lotus isn’t for sale yet as it is being listed as a demo listing, I’ve gotten decent offers on Carousell. I’ve sold and bought a number of cars prior to my journey as an Account Manager in Carousell - and not just cars, but also accessories and spare parts.

I even sold a Subaru WRX bonnet within an hour of getting it listed! Lastly, convenience is the key factor. Would a user prefer to download 5 apps to get 5 items or download Carousell where you can source for more with just 1 app?

Your favourite past time?

Other than cycling which I picked up during this pandemic, it would be nothing but bonding with my car, be it driving or just sitting in it, where the moments are just me and my car against the wind. “Boys don’t grow up, but their toys do!”

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