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Porsche Panamera: What Do People Think About This Luxury Sports Sedan?

We interview people of different age groups, interests and occupations to find out what they think about the Panamera.
Ronald Chua
Ronald Chua
06 Dec 2023

The Panamera was Porsche’s first 4-door sports car to make it to production.

To a car enthusiast, it was Porsche’s answer for the Executive who wanted a 4-door sports sedan. But hang on, is it classified as a sedan or a coupe or a lift-back? Well, it does not really matter does it?

We know it's fast, comfortable, handles well, has a large trunk and has all the luxury gadgets found in a limousine. Does its strong suit of capabilities make it too serious and only appealing to Executives and C-Suites? Let us find out!

Interviewee 1: Charlotte Cheng, 32, Creative Lead

Charlotte is a marketing and advertising professional for a Scandinavian creative company. Her bubbly and outgoing personality, along with her bright dress codes, makes it a strong contrast to the Panamera’s serious persona.

Upon stepping into the car, Charlotte commented that the car was big and comfortable. Once on the go, Charlottle was also impressed by the acceleration and stability of the Panamera on the highway.

She shared that one of the unique traits of the Panamera is the two-tone leather interior in black and luxor beige. “I don’t think I’ve ever really seen this in a car before where its like, it looks classic but also has this like, contemporary modern feel so it really makes the place look really nice, design wise,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte also has a penchant for music. With an American-born Chinese background, a local education in Singapore in her formative years, followed by an education in the States, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlotte busking around town during summer holidays back home in Singapore in her younger days.

Once she heard the excellent music quality from the sound system, she knew that the Panamera had a proper set-up that would make an audiophile smile. We also played a few of her favourite tracks through the BOSE Surround Sound System that has 14 speakers and 710 watts. Charlotte even quipped “I feel alive and I can feel the music in my bones! The bass is strong but not intrusive and the tones are clear!”

Featuring BOSE’s SoundTrue Enhancement Technology, it counteracts music compression and restores lost components in the high-frequency range to produce a clear and more spatial sound for passengers.

Interviewee 2: Daniel Wong, 4, Model 911 Lover & Future Car Enthusiast

Next up, we also sought the opinion of a young child. There is always a saying that kids say the darnest things!

Daniel loves his (model) cars. From his child seat, Daniel can identify the brand and make of cars as fast as his car enthusiast father at times.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the Panamera, Daniel immediately exclaims “I like the steering wheel”. The Panamera came specified with a GT sports steering wheel which gives the car a sportier feel.

Kids are also always intrigued by large digital screens. “I also like the Porsche big screen,” said Daniel. He had a fun time navigating through the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system. The infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a full suite of Porsche Connect Services.

Interviewee 3: Bruce Tong, 31, Business Owner & Car Enthusiast

Lastly, we had to seek the opinion of a car enthusiast. Bruce currently owns a German hot-sedan that he appreciates thanks to the subtlety, speed and practicality that it offers and we would be keen to hear his views on the sporty yet luxurious Panamera.

On the go, Bruce was impressed by the ride quality and damping that the Panamera offered. He said “This car offers a cossetting ride despite riding on 19-inch rims and steel springs. It is comfortable over bumps and road work undulations and yet can corner relatively flat and sharp.”

When we tried the launch control function on the Panamera, Bruce went, “Oh wow, this 2.9-litre V6 engine is definitely very powerful”.

“It definitely feels faster than that,” said Bruce when we referred to the 0 to 100km/h factory timing of 5.6 seconds.

With a 2.9 litre twin-turbo V6 that produces 330 PS and 450 Nm, the Panamera has ample power for daily driving around town and for an exciting weekend jaunt.

The Porsche Panamera definitely has appeals beyond its perceived market. It pushes the boundaries of what a 4-door sedan is capable of offering. The balance of comfort, sportiness and luxury touches makes the Panamera a winner in its category.

Photos by Horizon Drivers' Club


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