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The Four-Seat, Four-Door Ferrari Purosangue Captivates Singapore

The Purosangue is a stunning four-door Ferrari you will want to feast your eyes on.
James Wong
James Wong
14 Sep 2023
Quick Summary

How much does the Ferrari Purosangue cost?
It will be at least S$2m before COE and options.

Is Ferrari Purosangue a supercar?
Essentially yes, with four doors and four seats.

Is the Purosangue turbocharged?
Good old natural aspiration, baby! The only one in its class!

How many of the Ferrari Purosangue will be built?
The Purosangue is not limited production, but Ferrari won’t build many.

How long is the waiting list for the Ferrari Purosangue?
It’s currently around two years in Singapore.


I reckon Ferrari has the perfect name for its new four-door, four-seater car - Purosangue translates to ‘thoroughbred’ in English.

Despite being conceptually like an SUV, it feels more like a Ferrari GTC4Lusso that’s been jacked up, which was the last four seater Ferrari had in its range, albeit with two doors in a coupe form. In that sense, it’s appropriate to expect the Purosangue to be as authentic a Ferrari as can be.

To be sure, Ferrari has a long history building four seaters. The brand has always been about driving pleasure and comfort coexisting in harmony, especially for its more practical models.

So when I got wind of the Purosangue making its quiet arrival to Singapore, I had to see it for myself. The car is currently on display at Ital Auto’s showroom.

Forget all conventions. The Purosangue only has a height of 1.6 m, which is substantially lower than its competitors and just 20 cm higher than the GTC4Lusso. There is no rear windscreen wiper, as Ferrari designed the windscreen to be cleaned by airflow. And because much of the drag in a higher riding car comes from the wheels, Ferrari has innovated floating wheel arches to create a ‘blanket’ over the wheels, thereby reducing turbulence.

It has ‘welcome’ rear doors, which is a show stopper especially when paired with such a svelte shape. These open up to 79 degrees for easy ingress and egress, and are electrically powered too. Just a light 2 second tap outside of the door will open it. Ferrari is unabashedly confident about offering the car only as an exclusive four seater, and this does help the car feel sportier and focused.

But most importantly, its drivetrain is quite possibly the only one of its kind in its segment - a 65-degree 725 PS 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 mated to a 8-speed F1 DCT gearbox, powering all four wheels. Authenticity is definitely not lacking here.

Its gearbox is rear-mounted, helping to achieve a weight distribution of 49:51. If you open the engine bay, you can also see that the V12 is pushed all the way to the rear - seemingly perched almost within the cabin.

Starting it up, the rich sound is incomparable to anything else out there on sale today - with four doors. It’s exotic, soulful and makes the heart skip a beat.

Yet it is tuned to deliver 80% of torque at 2100 rpm, although the maximum torque of 716 Nm is achieved at 6250 rpm. 0-100 km/h is accomplished in 3.3 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 10.6 seconds.

Surprisingly practical, there are cup holders concealed beneath leather cushions and all four seats are electrically adjustable. There is also plenty of headroom even with a panoramic sunroof for all passengers, including the rear two occupants. The front passenger even has his/her own infotainment screen to fiddle with.

The current waiting list for a Purosangue is around two years and you can expect to pay north of S$2m for the car.

But it is probably the most captivating high-riding four door car we’ll ever live to see.

Photos by Ivan Han


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