Understanding The Classic Vehicle Scheme In Singapore

Understanding The Classic Vehicle Scheme In Singapore

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
15 Feb 2024

How does the Classic Vehicle Scheme in Singapore work?

A vehicle needs to be registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme in Singapore if it is more than 35 years old. Road tax will cost S$280 per year, regardless of age and engine displacement, and the COE is tagged at 10% of the current rate. It sounds affordable at first glance, but do note that the vehicle can only be used for 45 days per year maximum. That’s almost one day of classic car hooning per week. Doesn’t sound that bad, eh?

I’m sure there are more taxes involved…

Yes - at point of importation, an excise duty (20% of OMV) is payable if you want to own a classic car. There’s also a registration fee of S$350. Additional Registration Fees (ARF) also stack up rather quickly - if your car’s OMV is more than S$80k, the ARF rate is tagged at 320% of the car’s OMV.

How do I keep track of my classic car usage?

Day Licence comes into play. When you register your vehicle under the scheme and renew your annual road tax, you will be granted 28 Day Licences per calendar year. You can purchase up to 17 additional Day Licences (45 days in total), each priced at S$20.

Can I register a classic car in Singapore myself?

Yes, but first check if your dream classic meets LTA’s registration and technical requirements. If it does, you can proceed to ship your asset via a shipping agent, and don’t forget to obtain an Inward Cargo Clearance Permit.

Can I re-register the classic car if it was deregistered before in Singapore under the Classic Vehicle Scheme?

No second chance allowed as of now, so make your choice only after careful deliberation!

Can I change ownership of the classic car?

Authorities state that "Once it is registered as a classic vehicle, you cannot change the owner of the vehicle for 5 years".

Can I drive a left-hand drive classic car in Singapore?

LTA states that “all classic cars imported and registered for use in Singapore should be right-hand drive cars”.

Can I drive a modified classic car?

The vehicle must be restored to its original condition without any alterations, conversions, or modifications before import. There’s a “however” though - concessions can be made if the vehicle is unable to meet requirements. Essentially it’s on a case-by-case basis. Keep your fingers crossed…

Your classic diesel car dream is alive, for now…

Counting down till you can register a 2008 Audi Q7 V12 TDI under the Classic Vehicle Scheme? That can still become a reality. From 2025, there will be a ban on registering new diesel-only cars and taxis. However, diesel cars registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme will still be allowed for import and registration.

Is the Classic Vehicle Scheme the same as the Vintage Vehicle Scheme in Singapore?

It’s a different scheme. Vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1940 are tagged under the Vintage Vehicle Scheme. It’s further segmented into Vintage (Normal) Vehicle Scheme, Vintage (Restricted) Vehicle Scheme and Revised Vintage Vehicle Scheme. There’s no usage restrictions for vehicles under the Vintage (Normal) Vehicle Scheme. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is - you can only drive them until 30 June 2028!


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