What We Learnt at the Porsche Secret Garage at Kallenberg

What We Learnt at the Porsche Secret Garage at Kallenberg

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
21 Jul 2022

Porsche insiders would know that the Porsche Museum only has a handful of cars of the true collection owned by the Stuttgart-based manufacturer. The cars are in constant movement all over the world for use at events, which is a testament to the fact that they are being driven regularly, and aren’t just showroom pieces.

Some of them, however, are located in what Porsche calls a ‘Secret Garage’ which we can only say is located at Kallenberg. We were not given an address to navigate there; we merely could follow a lead car that showed us the way.

When we arrived, no pictures were to be taken of the exterior and the surroundings for fear that the location would be leaked if there were recognisable landmarks. But suffice to say, it literally is at a non-descript location that houses one of the rarest and most valuable Porsches in the world. There might even be residents living next door, unaware of what goes on just at their doorstep.

OneShift was given the special privilege to check out the Secret Garage, and here are the most interesting things we learnt:

1) There are as many as 300 cars in Kallenberg at any one time. However, the total number is much higher as many are in circulation.

2) All cars in Kallenberg have the number tag ‘000/XXX’, if they are serial numbered. This is so they are always recognised as pre-production vehicles and will never be sold.

3) Some cars are placed in wooden crate boxes to save space in the facility which seems filled to the brim. Conveniently, it looks cool too.

4) We discovered a prototype for the eventual W124 500E at the facility, but it was actually built on a C124 platform.

5) There is a ‘junior’ race car there that has a 1-cylinder engine and a 2-speed gearbox.

6) There exists a prototype whose sole purpose is to measure tyre noise. Therefore, all other noises it produces are reduced to a minimum by creative contraptions. It looks like a rocket ship.

7) We spotted a prototype that’s half a car on each side. That’s for cost-efficiency to allow two looks for a possible car in one prototype. Swabian, ja?

8) The curator of the facility, Alexander Klein, names the 1973 911 Carrera RSR "Targa Florio" his favourite car.

Credits: Text by James Wong; Photos by James Wong, Porsche & Horizon Drivers' Club

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