What We Think Your Car Colour Says About You (And What It Actually Says)

What We Think Your Car Colour Says About You (And What It Actually Says)

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
27 Jul 2015


What we think it means - Blue is the colour chosen by drivers who have a strong aversion to red. They believe in the power of gender stereotypes, and may suffer from low confidence if they are male. This does not describe me in any way.

Light blue car owners are thought of as youthful, yet cool, calm, quiet and loyal, whilst being honest, hardworking and trustworthy people. Dark blue car drivers are seen as the same, but with the added bonus of confidence and dependability. I have a light blue car.

What it really means – This is one of the safest colours to pick from a brochure, but for some reason, you won’t find very many blue cars from every make on the road. When you do see them, be sure to smile and say hello because blue car drivers are all, in real life sexy, desirable people. Who knows, you could be smiling and saying hello to me! Unless you are a dude. In which case just a friendly wave will do thanks.


What we think it means - Yellow is seen as the most flamboyant colour in the spectrum. It represents innocence, warmth, exuberance, youth, the sun, fluffy dogs, and eggs. A yellow car driver is thus seen as someone with a generous happy heart; full of positive energy and probably the most courteous driver on the road you’ll ever meet. They might even let you have a parking lot, even though they saw it first and are in a hurry.

What it really means - If you’re not gay, or female, your significant other probably won’t let you get away with buying a yellow car. In any case, expect to have zero to no pulling power in a yellow car, unless you are actually dating a clown.

What’s more, most of us look at a yellow car and think, aw, isn’t that cheerful. We then think, that driver’s probably a little flaky, and we change lanes to avoid them.


What we think it means - Orange car drivers are enthusiastic and intense. About everything. Including stopping at traffic lights and flooring it at the green. They are very focused as well (see what I did there?) and love to live, laugh and love in generous portions.

Some say they love the limelight and orange car owners are usually the ones who excel in their workplace. But because the limelight is actually yellow, orange cars look a bit more like red in real life. See “Red” below.

What it really means – At every enthusiast car club meetup, orange car drivers dominate. Nobody wonders why. Also, never get into a staring contest with an orange car driver. He’ll win every time.


What we think it means - Some green cars are loud and flashy, like neon-light green. Some aren’t, like army drab racing green. Depending on where they fall on this spectrum of luminance, green car drivers are an eclectic, eccentric and unpredictable lot. These are the people who say homilies like “Variety Is the Spice of Life”, “Life Is A Journey Not A Destination”, or “I’m A Manchester-United Fan, Are You?”

What it really means – These cars are pretty special, and so are their drivers. It takes guts to drive a bright green car, and even more to buy a drab racing green one. Always invite a green car driver to your party, because he is sure to be the life of it. Because their life stories usually have immense depth and breadth.


What we think it means - And finally, drivers of these cars are bold, stylish, original, passionate and winners in life. If you buy a sports car, be sure to get one in race red. Because, fast and furious, especially furious. If you buy a dumpy dingy hatchback, buy one in red too, because red adds 20km/h to your actual speed – you’ll look fast just standing still.

Nobody should try overtaking a red car, even a dumpy dingy red hatchback, because that’s like waving a… uh… red flag… in front of a… red uh... bull.

What it really means – That red car probably has a really timid, placid female driver at the wheel. Unless it has black rims, then it’ll be a male driver with testosterone issues, as for some reason no male driver can stand to drive a red car fitted with factory rims and narrow tires.

As you can see, the colours which fare best are the safe choices of white, black, grey or silver. After all, colour preferences are extremely personal choices. But if you want to add some colour into your life, you should go right ahead. It's your money, your car, and truthfully, what others think of your choices is none of your business - and none of theirs.

Credits: Vince Wong

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