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With Breeze, You Don't Have to Settle for the ERP 2.0 Touchscreen

Breeze is developed by NCS, who is part of the consortium that developed the ERP 2.0 system.
James Wong
James Wong
31 May 2024
Best app for ERP 2.0? I think I can say that for sure, if your car has Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, then yes.

With the ongoing frustrations over ERP 2.0, especially its touchscreen, it is timely that we revisit the Breeze app again because it is now fully compatible with ERP 2.0. It is one of four apps currently available for ERP 2.0, the others being LTA’s own app, ERP 2.0, as well as Galactio and Motorist. The ERP 2.0 app is essentially a mirror of the functions of the touchscreen and nothing more, while we have not yet tried Galactio and Motorist.

However, it is important to note that Breeze is the only app of the four that is also fully integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In other words, if you had this functionality on your head unit, you’d most certainly prioritise the Breeze app over the others. Apart from this super useful feature, let’s revisit again what Breeze is all about.

Why do I need another navigation app?

I understand, but hear me out. Breeze is unique for its real-time carpark availability feature, which will inform you how many lots are available at your carpark destination. It will also suggest the nearest and cheapest car parks to your destination and navigate you there. Complimentary parking vouchers are also available exclusively to Breeze users for some carparks. This is probably the biggest selling point of Breeze. Over 3,000 carparks across Singapore are in Breeze’s database, and this increases with time.

The other is that because it is developed locally, Breeze adapts to local driving conditions the best - like bringing you to the entrance of the car park at your destination, for example. Often, other apps may bring you to the vicinity but not necessarily where the car park is. There is also a localised voice for direction commands which is strangely comforting.

OK, so how does Breeze work with ERP 2.0?

First you need to pair your mobile phone with the OBU, and this is done via OneMotoring. After this pairing, start up the Breeze app and simply click ‘OBU on Breeze’ to pair the OBU with Breeze. It’s a really simple process and it’ll automatically connect if you choose this option on Breeze.

With this done, Apple Carplay or Android Auto automatically boots up once you connect your phone to your head unit or infotainment system. Simply click on Breeze and it will show you a map along with how much value you have left in your CEPAS card. Aside from searching for destinations through the phone app, you can also use voice commands to key in a destination.

On the move, Breeze will tell you precisely what the ERP 2.0 touchscreen does - notifications of Silver Zones, bus lanes, speed camera zones and so on. It also tells you the speed limit of the particular road you are travelling on, and while it doesn’t tell you your live speed, the app is capable of having this functionality. I think this would be really useful in a future update. On top of the OBU notifications, Breeze also gives live traffic updates like road works, accidents, flash floods, and more.

How does Breeze value-add the ERP 2.0 experience?

If you want to dodge ERP charges as much as you can, Breeze will help you search for the cheapest route. Or if you’re in a hurry, Breeze will also help you find the shortest or fastest routes.

For EV users, Breeze will help you find charging stations along a planned route. Not only that, Breeze will keep a record of your trips and even estimate carbon emissions based on your vehicle make, model and fuel type.

For those who cross to Malaysia often, Breeze incorporates live camera footage of the checkpoints, as well as major expressways and roads.

Lastly, if you’re just plain bored, Breeze will tell you about places of interest to eat, walk, hike or hang out.

What’s the drawback of Breeze?

Look, I really like it and probably would use it over Google Maps for driving around Singapore. But I’m not sure if it would be my first choice app for navigation, because it still lacks crowdsourced data like Waze, such as objects on the road or mobile speed cameras. I found this to be an extremely useful feature on Waze, and would probably make me loyal to Waze.

However, that’s also because I currently don’t have ERP 2.0 installed on my car. If I do, then it is pretty clear that I would use Breeze, because I would certainly opt out of the touchscreen.

Best app for ERP 2.0?

I think I can say that for sure, if your car has Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, then yes. Wouldn’t you want a clean dashboard without your phone hanging off the windscreen? However, if your car doesn’t have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto then it’s worthwhile checking out the other apps before choosing Breeze.

Photos by James Wong


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