You Can Still Buy These Cars From Their Golden Era In Singapore Today

You Can Still Buy These Cars From Their Golden Era In Singapore Today

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
21 Apr 2023

Sentimental value can be a double-aged sword. We can either fondly remember these fleeting moments, or quickly descend into a state of despair after recognising that these exploits can never resurface. Place it in an automotive context and it rings true especially in Singapore, where older cars either need to have their COEs renewed, or have their fates sealed in the scrapyard.

Before we let the latter scenario dominate proceedings, we dug into Carousell’s used cars section to unearth a couple of examples, proudly engineered during each brand’s respective periods of flourish. Compared to electric cars built in 2023, outright performance figures from this shortlist are just about as relevant today as harvesting ice in an inferno. But for a handful who value the lure of nostalgia, it’ll take a monumental mentality shift for them to find brand new sheet metal appealing.

Honda Civic (EG6)

Bomber jackets and flannel shirts might have defined 90s fashion, but evidently these sparked a more “minimalist” approach in contrast to the flashy trends of the 80s. What were teenage trend setters rolling up in? Quite possibly a Honda Civic EG6, the brand’s fifth take on the wildly popular nameplate. The EG6 replaced the boxier EF predecessor in 1991, improved on aerodynamic efficiency and summoned a magical formula that made the EG handle better, while adopting a softer suspension setup. The sleek 4th-gen Honda Prelude could have been out of reach for some financially, and those craving for a 2nd-gen CR-X might have their work cut out to locate good condition examples. Which is why the comparatively affordable EG6 hatch was a 90s hit for the masses.

BMW 325Ci (E46)

Those that powered through the 90s must have recalled uncertainties associated with the “millennium bug”. Will the world wide web fail? Will stock markets crash? Tech firms in particular were driving on loose sand, but BMW held firm and diversified their strategies with a stellar cast of cars. BMW made 340,000 E38 7 Series for 10 years till 2001. Pre-Bangle era designs were still applicable for the handsome E39 5 Series. And then we have the E46 3 Series, arguably the most important BMW model in the late 90s. More than 1 million E46s found homes globally, but some were more “special” than others. A cloth top, inline 6-equipped BMW coupe was a head turner two decades ago - more so today when positioned alongside hulking SUVs.

Lamborghini Gallardo

At first glance, Lamborghini’s naturally aspirated V10 engine might be rather long in the tooth given that it had been in production since 2003. Sole survivor responsibility is now conveyed by the Huracan Tecnica before the impending electric revolution. Now let’s take a look at Lambos made in the early 2000s. The Diablo stormed through the 90s until it ceased production in 2001, before the Murcielago took on the function of carrying the brand’s flagship V12 on its back. And we have the smaller, but no less characterful sibling inaugurating the V10 a couple of years later. Sure, Lambos in the 60s and 70s had their moments of glory. But the Gallardo and its seductive, poster boy looks made the 2000s feel like “peak decade” for cars deemed to be the next modern classic.


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