Different Clutches and Flywheels and Aftermarket Solutions

Different Clutches and Flywheels and Aftermarket Solutions

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
02 Dec 2013


Clutches are made out of a variety of materials that affect a car’s performance. Most passenger vehicles come with an organic clutch, which is made of organic material interlaced with metal fibers. Organic clutches make for smoother transitions between gears, plus they last longer and have short break-in periods.

Kevlar clutches can take more abuse than organic, but they don’t perform as smoothly in stop-and-go traffic. You can overheat a Kevlar clutch, which will ruin it and require a replacement.

Ceramic clutches can endure high levels of heat, meaning they can endure use constantly without wearing out. The problem with ceramic clutches is that they wear out flywheels more often, especially if the car is driven in city traffic regularly, and engagement is rougher, making them more difficult to handle for inexperienced drivers.

Carbon clutches are also highly heat resistant but provide rougher transitions between gears. Another advantage of carbon clutches is that they do not wear out flywheels as quickly as some other high performance clutch materials.

Sintered iron clutches can take extremely high temperatures without breaking down, making them perfect for extra high performance applications.The problems with sintered iron clutches is that they provide the roughest gear transitions and they require a special racing flywheel made of more durable material, making them really only suitable for racing applications.


When choosing an aftermarket clutch and flywheel, you need to honestly review how you will be using the vehicle. While high-performance upgrades might sound fun, driving a car in traffic every day with them installed will become tiresome and expensive.


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