Your New Car (Makeover)

Your New Car (Makeover)

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
13 Jul 2015

Send it for a SPA

Waxing and spa sessions aren’t just for humans on holidays. Give your car the love it deserves. A spot of car spa to refinish, wax and detail your car can make it showroom new again.

Body wrap

Or if you’re feeling rich, send your ride for a body wrap. Like the real world human version of body wraps, this protects your car’s exterior from all the foibles of driving, such as bird crap, dust and tree sap. When you feel like a change again, the spotless paint underneath is waiting just for you.

Car decal / sticker

A related alternative is the car decal that’s a lot larger than a bumper sticker. It has much in common with body tattoos. Spend as much time as you want choosing the design – or create a piece of custom artwork that has special meaning for you or your family.

Mid-life respray

Yet another way to refresh your car’s looks is to give it a fresh new coat of colour. This can be professionally done for a few thousand dollars, and have your car literally showroom-new; you can even opt to change the colour of your car completely. Just remember to notify the LTA.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) / panel beating

Before you do all that, of course, restore your car’s bodywork to within 90% of its former glory with some dent removing and possibly some filling and patching. It costs less to do several dents at a time, so you might also want to wait till you have a sizable collection of dents.

Get a Rim Job

Yes guys and girls, the sexual innuendo is on purpose. If by "rim job", I mean a change of your weary old wheels for something, swankier, sportier, and more sensual. You’ll be turning around to glance at your parked car just like you used to when it was new.

Or you can have your current rims repaired. Kerb rash begone!

Lower the car

Chances are, it’s also about time to replace your suspension or shock bushings. Why not replace them with aftermarket gas shocks, then tune and lower the suspension while you’re at it?

Dangerous territory, I know. If you are paying attention, I’m actually advocating modifying your car, which may or may not affect your insurance (check with your insurer first).

But if you do as I say, you’ll end up with a car that feels and drives differently – perhaps just the change you were looking for when you fancied a newer sportier ride. This one however, is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper.

You're welcome.

Credits: Vince Wong

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