10 Facts About The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV We Need To Know Right Now

10 Facts About The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV We Need To Know Right Now

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
20 Apr 2022

1) Depending on the vehicle equipment and configuration, WLTP ranges of up to 660 km are possible.

2) The EQS SUV comes with rear-axle steering as standard. The turning circle is reduced from 11.9 to 11.0 metres with 10-degree rear-axle steering.

3) The electric motor on the rear axle has 2 windings with 3 phases each. The 6-phase design makes this permanently excited synchronous motor (PSM) particularly powerful. Its peak power is 265 kW.

4) A lithium-ion battery with up to 12 cell modules is installed in the EQS SUV. With this generation of batteries, a major step has been achieved in terms of the sustainability of the cell chemistry: the optimised active material consists of nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8:1:1.

5) The optional driving sound of the EQS SUV is interactive and reacts to a good dozen different parameters such as the position of the accelerator pedal, speed or energy recovery.

6) Head-up displays are available in two sizes as an option. The Augmented Reality Head-up Display shows relevant information and actions three-dimensionally in the real driving situation and surroundings. Its display area has a diagonal of 77 inches. A virtual colour image seems to float in the field of vision at a distance of about 10 metres.

7) The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is part of the optional ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, with a volume of 9.82 cubic decimetres, cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level. Up to 99.75 percent of particles are separated out. Around 600 grams of activated charcoal are used to neutralise odours. The absorption area is equivalent to about 150 football pitches.

8) For haptic feedback during operation, a total of 12 actuators are located under the touch screen surfaces of the MBUX Hyperscreen. If a finger touches certain spots there, they trigger a tangible vibration in the cover plate.

9) 1 coating of the cover glass simplifies cleaning of the MBUX Hyperscreen. The curved glass itself consists of particularly scratch-resistant aluminium silicate.

10) DC fast charging system with a charging capacity of up to 200 kW is fitted on board for (fast) direct current charging. In 15 minutes, power corresponding to a range of up to 250 kilometres can be recharged on the basis of the WLTP range.


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