5 Reasons Why Mercedes-EQ’s EQV Is The Ultimate People Carrier

5 Reasons Why Mercedes-EQ’s EQV Is The Ultimate People Carrier

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
11 Oct 2022

We might be familiar with the Vito cargo van launched in 2015 and the V-Class, based on the Vito but configured to fit passengers. Mercedes-Benz Singapore now takes it up a few notches by launching the first all-electric luxury MPV from Mercedes-EQ – the EQV. Here are 5 reasons why this could very well be the ultimate people carrier:

1) The EQV offers a claimed range of up to 426km per charge, and rapid charging from 10 to 80% in around 40 minutes. That’s slightly more range than a Volkswagen ID Buzz. Not an apple to apple comparison in terms of prestige, which also speaks volumes because the EQV currently does not have rivals tussling in the premium 7/8-seater EV segment.

2) Families benefit from a multitude of seating configurations in the EQV. Luxury or bench seat configurations on the second row allow the EQV to be used as a seven or eight-seater.

3) A lithium-ion battery sits down low in the vehicle’s floor. The electric motor, transmission and cooling system are also compact units made to optimise cabin space.

4) A refined version of the EQV’s infotainment system translates to a future proof MBUX system. A hi-res 10-inch screen displays various histograms like charging current and energy flow, and voice control support means any passenger can have access to climate controls and music selections.

5) The driver has full command of the driving experience when it comes to driving modes and recuperation levels. The EQV can coast at the weakest recuperation setting, arguably providing a smoother ride, while flick the right paddle behind the steering wheel to set recuperation to the strongest - useful on occasions where the EQV needs to claw back range for the next duty.

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