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6 Reasons Why BAC Produces Extraordinary Driving Machines

BAC launches Mono R in Singapore, but there’s more to the brand than the latest offering…
Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
29 Sep 2022

BAC was in town just in time before F1 frenzy kicks off in full force. Co-founder Neill Briggs and team was on hand to share more about the brand with media in typical BAC-level intimacy. This gave us an opportunity to take a closer look at this unique brand that, at first glance, comes off as more F1-inspired than production-spec. But what if we reveal that they can be bought off the shelf by anyone with deep enough pockets? BAC produces extraordinary driving machines, and here are 6 convincing reasons why…

1) The BAC Design team works with owners to customise every aspect of their car, including business card graphics and colour schemes. Designers can even draw inspiration from the owner’s favourite pair of shoes…

2) BAC understands that customers already have a wide selection of luxury and exotic cars in their garage, which is why they know what separate products are needed to create, in BAC’s exact words, “pure driving ecstasy”. The company emphasises that their products are A-to-A vehicles, rather than A-to-B. The destination doesn't matter - all that counts is the time behind the wheel.

3) Mono is the world’s only road-legal, single-seater supercar, combining race-bred automotive innovations with track pedigree and on-road ability. BAC has not registered Mono and Mono R for road use in Singapore, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed.

4) The Mono R we had the pleasure of viewing up close is limited to 40 units worldwide and costs S$300k without COE here in Singapore. It is 38bhp more powerful and 25kg lighter than the standard Mono, at 343bhp and 555kg – equating to an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of 618bhp-per-tonne. Ferrari’s 488 Pista has a ratio of 554.6bhp-per-tonne.

5) BAC’s press pack was quick to highlight maintenance features under Mono R’s key statistics - quick-lift jack, remote battery charging socket, aluminium towing eyes and paint protection film on lower body and edges. Crucial information, if customers wish to hands-on…

6) In their early years, co-founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs, was the Engineering Manager of the Mk1 Ford Focus RS. His brother and co-founder Ian worked with major OEMs (primarily Porsche, Mercedes, Smart, AMG, Maybach, Ford, Bentley) for over a decade. Dedication to the sport of driving is in very safe hands.

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