BMW 3.0 CSL On Display At BMW Eurokars Experience Centre

BMW 3.0 CSL On Display At BMW Eurokars Experience Centre

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
26 Feb 2024

Is the BMW 3.0 CSL special?

This is a collector's item, with only 50 units produced globally. The production process, spanning three months at the BMW Group Dingolfing plant in Moosthenning, Lower Bavaria, involves eight assembly cycles, taking up to 10 days per vehicle. It’s no longer in production and is not intended for sale in Singapore or the region, making it a gem reserved solely for the European market.

"We are honoured to be one of the 50 owners worldwide to showcase such an exclusive and highly coveted car right here in Singapore. This icon embodies the pinnacle of BMW's engineering prowess and design aesthetics. Nestled comfortably in our BMW Eurokars Experience Centre, we aim to provide a luxurious, unique and immersive experience for our customers," said Jason Lim, Managing Director of BMW Eurokars Auto.

Looks special, feels like a billion bucks

The BMW 3.0 CSL is a remarkable example of BMW M's ability to blend racing technology into a road car. It features a dynamic exterior, a classic sports car cockpit, intelligent lightweight construction, a straight six-cylinder engine, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, all in line with traditional BMW M principles. This unique design reflects 50 years of BMW success, offering an exclusive high-performance experience and a nostalgic journey through the brand's rich history.

Racing history throwback

It’s a modern tribute to its predecessor, a touring car that dominated the European Touring Car Championship in the 1970s. The road version of the CSL was celebrated for its lightweight build, distinctive aerodynamics and potent straight six-cylinder engine, which made for an exhilarating driving experience. The contemporary 3.0 CSL pays homage to this heritage by reimagining the iconic "Coupe, Sport, Lightweight" concept with a modern touch.

Your Batmobile, reimagined

Its exterior design seamlessly blends classic coupe proportions with modern M-typical features. From the distinctive kidney grille to the flat-contoured headlights and aerodynamic elements, the design pays homage to its predecessor's iconic "Batmobile" nickname.


The most potent straight motor ever in a road-legal BMW M car sits beneath the hood. Generating a maximum output of 412 kW/560 hp and 550Nm of torque, this engine shares the same technological roots as the power unit of the current Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) winning car. The six-speed manual transmission, coupled with rear-wheel drive, provides a direct connection between driver and road.


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