Champion Motors Celebrates 35 Years of Suzuki

Champion Motors Celebrates 35 Years of Suzuki

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
19 Oct 2012

To celebrate the 35 years’ of authorised distributorship, Champion Motors is offering a special edition for its best-selling Swift range, which includes the Swift 1.4L and Swift Sport 1.6L.

Design Rationale

The racer-boy attitude is further enhanced in the Swift Sport design. The matt black bonnet is telling of a tough character, while the reflective silver and white design glistens akin to the speed of light, reinforcing the qualities of the most powerful naturally aspirated hatchback below 1.6L.

Simplicity and clean lines denote the Swift’s image. The roof is given a gloss white wrap while two parallel strips run from the front underspoiler to the rear underspoiler. A more toned down design, the Swift advocates a style that can attest to the changing times. Just like how the Swift has always been.


The Swift’s most fundamental attributes are its light, compact body, emotionally appealing styling, and dynamic performance and handling. With the new Swift, Suzuki carried forward the previous model’s easy-to-manage compactness while honing its great design and performance and making great efforts to achieve lower CO2 emissions.

This best value hatchback offers drivers a complete package with a range of high-end features such as keyless entry, engine start-stop button, 6 air bags, and excellent fuel consumption of up to 18.2km/L.

Swift Sport

With the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the new Swift Sport is proof of yet another breakthrough achievement by Suzuki. Suzuki has brought the handling and other attributes of driving performance to greater heights with the new Swift Sport, surpassing its predecessor in terms of handling, power and fuel efficiency.


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