Check Out These Cool Porsche Art Exhibitions Until 15 January 2023

Check Out These Cool Porsche Art Exhibitions Until 15 January 2023

James Wong
James Wong
06 Jan 2023

Porsche previewed to the media two 911-focused art exhibitions in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2023.

The first is the second edition of “The Art of Dreams”, which returns to Singapore with Chris Labrooy’s larger-than-life installation “Dream Big.” at Gardens by the Bay.

The second is a new temporary experiential brand space at Mandala Club to feature Labrooy’s artworks and Daniel Arsham’s “Crystal Eroded Porsche 992” art car. If you only have time for one, I’d recommend the one at Mandala Club. There is more to see and in air-conditioned comfort, to boot.

Both installations feature the timeless and iconic Porsche 911 sports car as main subject, as the 911 also celebrates its 60-year anniversary in 2023.

If you have more time to spare, make the Porsche NOW Pop-up at Guoco Tower your third destination!

Opening hours:
Mandala Club: 1000-2200 (except Mondays)
The Art of Dreams at Silver Leaf, Gardens by the Bay: 0500-0000
Both are open till 15 January
Admission is free!

The Art of Dreams
For this second edition of “The Art of Dreams” in Singapore, Porsche brings the installation “Dream Big.” by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy. The structure stands 3.5-metres tall and features a real-life 911 sports car, speaking to the child in all of us and transporting us back to a time when our imagination knew no boundaries.

The piece asks the beholder: Where did we hope our journey would take us? Are we following our dreams? And as if rising up from another dimension, the larger-than-life figure inspires us to ask: Where will our dreams take us next?

As a nod to the Singaporean context for this edition of “The Art of Dreams”, visitors to the artwork here will notice the large figure rising up from the same rubber flooring used in playgrounds typically seen around local housing estates – giving the artwork a true Singaporean flavour whilst resembling a child playing with a toy car.

Daniel Arsham’s “Crystal Eroded Porsche 992” art car and Chris Labrooy’s artworks at Mandala Club

At the centre of the gallery sits the “Crystal Eroded Porsche 992”, another unmistakably sculpted Porsche 911 sports car as imagined by iconic American artist Daniel Arsham. Daniel Arsham’s “Crystal Eroded Porsche 992” is expressed in a distinct off-white tone throughout the exterior, accented by eroded areas featuring quartz and pyrite crystals. The interior of the car has also been reworked with a bespoke earth-tone stone-washed canvas to complement the aesthetic, and the upholstery is dotted with Daniel Arsham marked drawings. The car is completed with an “ARSHAM 3019” license plate on the rear.

Besides this, there is also a curated collection of Chris Labrooy’s artworks which is well worth visiting for its sunny and vibrant Californian digital art that portrays the Porsche 911 in the most unexpected - and smile-inducing - of situations.

Porsche Singapore and Mandala Club will also be unveiling an exclusive collection of artist merchandise by Chris Labrooy and Daniel Arsham at the ground floor of Mandala Club. Proceeds from the sale of this merchandise will go to *SCAPE in support of local youth programmes in areas of creative arts, media and entertainment as well as entrepreneurship and careers.

Photos by Porsche


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