Extended Warranty For Toyota & Lexus Hybrids

Extended Warranty For Toyota & Lexus Hybrids

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
08 Jun 2012

Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd (BMS) presents Singapore’s first-ever Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty (HBEW) Programme that comes standard with every new Lexus or Toyota Hybrid model purchased. With the HBEW programme, Borneo Motors will be providing a 10 year warranty on the battery of all Toyota and Lexus Hybrid cars, an increase of seven years over the existing manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years or 100,000km.

To date, the number of Full Hybrid cars sold under these two world class brands amount over 4 million units worldwide. According to a recent TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) press release, since the launch of the 1st Hybrid car 15 years ago in 1997 till April 2012, an estimated 26 million tons of CO2 emissions could have been reduced.

When TMC started to take lead on Hybrid Technology, a few generations of Lexus & Toyota mass produced Full Hybrid models have been put on the roads. Both brands currently offer the widest range of Full Hybrid line-up while other brands are just at the start of their own Hybrid journey. Lexus’/Toyota’s Hybrid technology is years ahead of any competition.

Lexus’ and Toyota’s Hybrid Technology is “made for Singapore” as the benefits of the technology are maximised in a city driving environment with its typical stop-and-go and low average speed conditions – translating into world-class fuel efficiency and cleaner air quality with a significant reduction in harmful emissions such as CO2, NOx and other small particulate matters such as PM10. Thus enabling you to protect the environment and improve air quality in Singapore. In addition, Hybrid drivers also enjoy the benefits of seamless acceleration and outstanding quietness.

With the new HBEW, the first in the market, customers now can fully enjoy the benefits of owning and driving the Lexus or Toyota Full Hybrid without having to worry about the battery. A typical Lexus/Toyota Hybrid car normally comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years or 100,000km whichever comes first. With BMS new HBEW, BMS will add on another 7 more years of extended warranty coverage to provide owners with a complete peace of mind throughout the first 10 years of their Hybrid cars.

Another great feature of this HBEW programme is that it also enhances the resale value of the Hybrid car. This is because we made the HBEW programme fully transferrable as it is pegged to the hybrid car itself. So no matter how many times the vehicle has a change of ownership, the car’s hybrid battery will still remain in warranty for 10 years from its original registration date under Borneo Motors, subject to a maximum replacement of 1 time for every 5 years period.

With BMS HBEW programme, owners can focus solely on enjoying petrol savings & driving pleasure without worrying about any hybrid battery replacement cost

Credits: wilswong

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