First Look: Luxgen Neora

First Look: Luxgen Neora

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
03 Dec 2010

The 25th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition series (EVS25) held at Shenzhen, China, from November 5 to 9, was the most significant and largest exposition on electric vehicles and renewable energy models. And LUXGEN, the first independent Taiwanese brand devoted to the development of electric vehicle technology, also participated in EVS25 with its complete product line of intelligent electric models. Vehicles presented were ready for mass production, including LUXGEN7 MPV, SUV, and CEO. Neora, a new intelligent electric concept model from LUXGEN, also made its first global debut during EVS25 and presented the mature technology integration of LUXGEN. Neora is also a testimony for Taiwan’s position in electric automobile industries as a leading pioneer.

Neora is a concept car fully designed and developed by the design team of LUXGEN. “Neo” stands for innovation and revolution and “Era” symbolises a new era of intelligent electric models. Neora perfectly represents LUXGEN’s mission and commitment to the new era of renewable energy models and a better future with zero emissions. The appearance of Neora follows the design concept of “Utmost Spectacular” and presents the image of dynamic, light-weight, eco-friendly, and energy saving, as well as the context of electricity and revolution of LUXGEN. Instead of the traditional metal air intake grille, the front of Neora applies the new front design with the shape presenting the image of hi-tech to increase the area of aerodynamics and decrease wind resistance, as well as to keep the clear front-end shape.

Carefully considering energy saving, hydrodynamics and aesthetics, details such as the spoiler underneath the front body decrease wind resistance and utilise the innovative design concept of electric energy with special design. The light materials used in the headlights also highlight the hi-tech visual image. The high angle of rear side lights emphasises the body lines and creates a car body with strong characteristics. Instead of following the traditional red rear lights, the new blue lights of Neora present the new cutting-edge hi-tech blue aura.

LUXGEN successfully integrates the key elements for the development of electric models in Taiwan, including the battery, motor, electronic control system, etc. with the accomplishment of developing several multi-passenger lithium-ion electric vehicles. The intelligent electric models, MPV, SUV, and CEO presented in EVS25 with the full electric propulsion, the most significant multi-passenger accommodation space and 150kW motors (201 hp and 220Nm torque), are far exceeding the performance of the gasoline-powered as well as electric vehicles in the segment. And LUXGEN is the first independent intelligent automobile brand in the world to have electric MPV and SUV models which are ready for mass production.

The development of electric models requires several phasesfrom research, concept car testing, to promotion. Though many automobile brands are still in the R&D phase on the electric models now, LUXGEN has already entered the mass production stage with leading technologies and rapid adaptation. The electric models of LUXGEN, MPV, SUV, and CEO all met and exceeded the government safety as well as regulatory requirements through various crash tests and safety certification procedures carried out in early July this year, and LUXGEN became the only automobile brand in Taiwan with its electric models to be officially registered and licensed for public road use.

LUXGEN had conducted several green technology campaigns such as entering the National Day parade with Taiwan’s first full electric parade float, 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition, the 5th Alternative Energy and Transportation Exposition in the US, the Low Carbon Emission Expo in Taiwan, and the 25th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition in Shenzhen. LUXGEN not only dedicates into the promotion of green technology and the development of electric automobiles, but also promotes Taiwan’s strong design capabilities to the world through innovative intelligent electric automobiles.

Credits: wilswong

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