Green News: Luxgen Celebrates Taiwan Founding With Show of Power

Green News: Luxgen Celebrates Taiwan Founding With Show of Power

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
17 Oct 2010

To celebrate the glory of the 100th year of founding Taiwan, LUXGEN uses the full electric power drive to build the first zero emission green festooned vehicle, an electric National Day festooned car, while eco-friendly, technology, and intelligent technology are used as the design cues to present the capabilities of LUXGEN on independent research and development.

LUXGEN breaks the limit of electric vehicle technology and apply the e-Drive system on LUXGEN7 MPV/SUV EV+ to a large festooned vehicle base with its length, width, and height of 1300 mm, 350 mm, and 400 mm respectively. Its 150kW motor, 45kWh battery performance is equivalent to the 200 hp of gasoline vehicles. The high efficient output successfully drives the festooned car with its body three times larger than LUXGEN7 MPV/SUV and total weight of nearly 10 tons, and prominently presents the high efficiency of LUXGEN’s electric vehicle as well as Taiwan’s R&D capabilities on green technology.

Aside from applying the electric drive on the LUXGEN festooned car to celebrate the National Day, all of the LED sets and screens on the vehicle are supported by batteries, which again, further communicate the core brand value of LUXGEN through the achievements of energy saving.

The appearance of the electric festooned vehicle is based on a larger version of LUXGEN7 SUV. And the most significant intelligent technology of LUXGEN, Eagle view+, is also applied on the car, to which

CCD is installed around the car and the driver can clearly identify the surrounding traffic situations. As for the design inspirations, LUXGEN highlights the use of the robot symbolised intelligent technology and the compass car as the visual focus. Through utilising the concept of a compass car on the electric vehicle base, LUXGEN is presenting the revolution of automobile R&D from an auto car era into an intelligent car era. Moreover, this is an achievement to prove Taiwan’s outstanding performance to be competitive in green vehicle technology on an international scale.

Mr. K.C. Hu, CEO of LUXGEN commented, “Since the debut of LUXGEN last September, LUXGEN has created outstanding sales records and becomes the top 6 automobile brand in Taiwan, showing the strong competitiveness of LUXGEN. During this grand occasion of the 100th years of national founding, LUXGEN uses the appeal of intelligent technology through utilising LUXGEN’s intelligent technology on the electric green festooned as the present to celebrate with all the people.”

Credits: wilswong

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