Here Are 7 Lesser Known Facts About The Lamborghini Revuelto

Here Are 7 Lesser Known Facts About The Lamborghini Revuelto

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
04 Apr 2023

The internet age has made consumption of information seemingly instantaneous, till a point where we tend to skim through headlines and disregard inner workings of some case studies. But when the topic in question is as exciting as this new product by Lamborghini, it’s well worth spending time on all 18 pages of the press kit.

We’ve been presented with the fast facts: 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 and electric engines developing more than 1,000bhp, 725Nm at 6,250rpm, 13 drive modes and a 0 - 100km/h dash in a Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport-rivalling 2.5 seconds. How did designers manage to package it, and what made these figures possible? We dive into the nitty gritty…

Downforce, amplified

A carbonfibre splitter generates vortices that increase frontal load and deflect the air, avoiding the wheels. The central area has a shape that channels the flow to four rear vortex generators, consisting of narrow curved blades positioned in the underbody essential for increasing the energy of the airflow that strikes the car at the bottom.

Aeronautics-inspired chassis

Revuelto’s monofuselage is 10% lighter than the Aventador’s chassis, and the front frame is 20% lighter than its aluminum predecessor. It is the first super sports car to be fitted with a 100% carbonfibre front structure.

Music to our ears

Particular attention has been placed on the soundtrack of the new L545 to emphasise the tone of the engine, already melodious at low revs and then rising to a natural harmonious crescendo. We’re ready for a listen…

Lightness is key

The two electric motors at the front are oil-cooled axial flux units and offer an exceptional weight-to-power ratio: 18.5kg from each of the 110 kW units. Every gram counts to achieve a dry weight of 1,772kg.

Out of the box

Only two other V12 cars have been equipped with a transverse rear gearbox: the Miura and the Essenza SCV12, a track-focused hypercar with a longitudinal engine and load-bearing transverse gearbox. It’s in good company…

Track-inspired steering

The steering wheel was inspired by the track-only Essenza SCV12 supercar. The four rotors located on the spokes are used for selecting both the driving modes and the car’s lifting system and rear wing tilt.

Water-based paintwork

400 bodywork colors are offered. The sustainable sportiness of Revuelto does not stop at the technical specification of the plug-in hybrid: all the paints used are water based rather than solvent based.


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