Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore Names New Vice President and Head of Technology Innovation Group

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore Names New Vice President and Head of Technology Innovation Group

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
28 Feb 2023

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore (HMGICS), Singapore's first Smart Factory for EVs and Hyundai Motor Group's leading open innovation hub, has announced the appointment of Alpesh Patel as the Vice President (VP) and Head of the HMGICS Technology Innovation Group.

With more than two decades of experience covering technology and digital-oriented strategy consulting, manufacturing, automotive and motorsports, Alpesh will play a key role in realising HMGICS’s Smart Factory vision and setting up the Meta Factory. He will lead the charge on developing and managing cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing innovation platforms through Industry 4.0 technologies.

HMGICS, established to serve the future of mobility and meet the diverse needs of customer via an intelligent manufacturing platform, will leverage advanced digital transformation based on Industry 4.0 technologies such as Robotics, AI, Digital Twin and the Metaverse. HMGICS is now establishing a 3D virtual factory as the first step towards establishing the real-time synchronisation of the virtual and physical factory, while targeting to achieve a fully cloud-based operation via a Meta-Factory in 2025 as the final goal.

Alpesh will support HMGICS’s strategy of leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionise the mobility value chain through his experience as leader of McKinsey’s Digital Capability Center (DCC) Asia Pacific, where he led the blueprinting of Industry 4.0 ecosystems for Asian governments and drove the creation of IP from Industry 4.0, digital, analytics and sustainability innovation centers. He also founded the Singapore unit of the DCC in partnership with the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center (ARTC). With his successes in helping businesses with their digital transformation and addressing productivity and human capital concerns, he is well-placed to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing capabilities and a real-time synchronisation of both the virtual and physical smart factory across production operations, quality management, logistics, and more within HMGICS.

Prior to his role at McKinsey, Alpesh was a senior aerodynamicist at Ferrari’s Formula One team for seven years, building his expertise in AI and Digital Twins.


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