Inchcape Singapore’s Sustainability Report Reinforces Commitment To Sustainable Growth

Inchcape Singapore’s Sustainability Report Reinforces Commitment To Sustainable Growth

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
01 Jul 2024

Inchcape plc, a leading global automotive distributor operating in over 40 markets, has published its first Sustainability Report, including the Singapore market The report details the progress made towards its 2023 sustainability targets and highlights the company's enhanced commitment to supporting the transition to sustainable mobility. Under the initiative "The Global Mobility Transition, Delivered Locally," Inchcape is focusing on its role in helping achieve global climate goals through adaptive and innovative approaches in the automotive industry.

Inchcape supports the evolution of mobility needs in Singapore

Ng Khee Siong, Managing Director at Inchcape Singapore, said: “Inchcape Singapore is leading the charge in transforming the automotive industry towards sustainability. We embrace this shift as an opportunity to redefine transportation for the better. Through innovation and collaboration, we're helping to drive Singapore's transition to sustainable mobility. From EV upskilling to pioneering Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, we're committed to advocating for and providing access to low-carbon vehicles. Our mission is clear: to be the foremost ally for a greener future in mobility.”

Partnership with Singapore Polytechnic

Inchcape Singapore has partnered with Singapore Polytechnic to establish the Singapore Future Mobility Academy, aiming to equip individuals with essential EV knowledge and skills. In 2023, over 236 Inchcape employees improved their EV expertise through internal training programs such as "EV 101" and "EV Fundamentals." The company also launched an external National EV Specialist Safety (NESS) Certification course and plans to expand its training programs in 2024.

Adaptable mobility solution with Toyota

In collaboration with Toyota and Singapore Power, Inchcape Singapore introduced FlexiGo, the first electric car-sharing service in Singapore's Tengah Township, the nation's first smart energy town. This initiative includes Toyota's BEV and HEV models, marking the company's first car-sharing program in the region. Inchcape Singapore also supports Grab by supplying and servicing vehicles, advancing sustainable and flexible mobility solutions.

Revolutionising car washes

In April, Inchcape partnered with Kärcher to introduce Singapore's first car wash gantries that recycle up to 85% of the water used per wash. These gantries, available at Inchcape's Leng Kee and Ubi service centers for Toyota, Lexus, and Suzuki customers, are projected to save up to 7.5 million litres of water annually, equivalent to three Olympic-sized swimming pools.


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