Local News: DirectAsia.com Direct Insurance Portal Launched

Local News: DirectAsia.com Direct Insurance Portal Launched

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
29 Jun 2010

DirectAsia.com was launched to the Singapore public that promises a platform that provides a one-stop website for obtaining quotations, purchasing policies, and managing the account. Providing 24-7 access, customers are able to obtain instant cover and purchase their insurance anytime they need to. DirectAsia.com is also the single portal for multiple insurance needs, including car, travel, home, and personal accident.

The operations are managed almost entirely in-house in Singapore to ensure quality and the highest level of service is maintained.

“Our objective is to change the way people think about insurance. Not change for change’s sake, but real positive change for our customers – from quotation to buying and ultimately to making a claim, our job is to provide a positive experience for our customers. In short, we want to provide effortless insurance for our customers,” said Byrne.

Customers of DirectAsia.com will get better value for money. By eliminating agents from the process, DirectAsia.com will have lower costs. Much of this benefit can be passed to customers in the form of lower premiums. DirectAsia.com pricing will also reward safe drivers and more generally good risk. In addition, monthly instalment payment plans are offered at no additional cost.

The DirectAsia.com service hands control and customisation back to its customers. By offering core products and allowing consumers to choose additional protections with real-time knowledge of the extra cost, DirectAsia.com customers will benefit from buying what they need, and at a price that reflects only their needs, rather than what they are given.

The DirectAsia.com promises to provide speed, convenience and simplicity to consumers buying insurance. Obtaining an online quotation will take less than 60 seconds, buying protection will take only a little longer, and the entire experience can take place whenever the consumer wants.

“The speed and convenience which the internet affords online buyers is unarguable but understanding what is being bought is absolutely critical. We know customers want things to be simple and understandable - not documents full of legal ‘mumbo jumbo’ that no one can understand! That is why we have designed all our communication to be jargon free,” said Byrne.

A strong claims management process is central to DirectAsia.com’s business. DirectAsia.com will immediately take over the claims management process once an incident is reported to its dedicated 24-hour service centre. DirectAsia.com will be the customers’ advocate and strongly defend dubious claims against its customers.

“For us, it’s about providing peace of mind that, should anything happen, it will be sorted quickly and positively for our customer,” maintained Byrne. As an example, DirectAsia.com will provide on-site support at the scene of a serious motor accident within 30 minutes of contacting the helpline.

When questioned about the effectiveness of its strategy to contain rising premium costs due to fraudulent claims, Mr Byrne remarked that the only way to stop it is to contain all possible venues of such dubious claims right from the start of the whole claiming process. Maintaining a motorcycle team that responds and support the policy holder at the accident scene quickly contributes to the fight against such claims by direct dealing with all affected parties on the scene.

For more details please visit its website – [URL=http://www.directasia.com]www.directasia.com[/URL]

Credits: wilswong

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