Local News: Porsche World Road Show in town once again

Local News: Porsche World Road Show in town once again

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
01 Jul 2010

the event is being held from 29 June to 5 July at the Changi Exhibition Centre, the 2010 PWRS Singapore is set to be an even more exhilarating experience as the all-new Cayenne and Panamera makes its’ debut in this worldwide operating tour.

Not only would participants in this year’s PWRS be among the first in Asia to try their hands at the all-new Cayenne, they will get the chance to experience the superlative performance and exceptional handling of the Panamera which joins the PWRS fleet for the first time in the tour’s history.

As before, participants will have the opportunity to take the Porsche fleet through their paces in a secure and controlled environment, under the watchful eyes of PWRS instructors who are specially flown in for this activity. Through a series of challenging exercises, participants are able to better appreciate the versatility and driveability of these high performance cars and can pick up driving techniques to refine their own everyday road experience.

PWRS Manager, Mr. Christian Lehwald said, "At Porsche, we pride ourselves in producing high quality sports cars for everyday road usage. But the PWRS also provides us with the opportunity to showcase the full prowess and superior performance of Porsche sports cars. By putting participants behind the wheel and coaching them to navigate challenging scenarios, we hope to en- hance their personal driving capabilities and at the same time, put the Porsche fleet through their

Mr. Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of Stuttgart Auto added that beyond a showcase of the Porsche’s sporting capabilities, the PWRS is an ideal opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet and share their Porsche driving experiences. “The PWRS is a great chance for us to offer non-Porsche drivers the chance to experience the Porsche legend for themselves, thoroughly in a relaxed atmosphere. We have also found that the PWRS offers us an effective channel to intro- duce to our customers the other high performance sports cars in the Porsche family. Every Porsche model offers exceptional performance and the PWRS serves to highlight how enjoyable driving a Porsche can be in a safe environment. This year, we are also pleased to introduce to participants the brand new Cayenne range which has just been launched, and to showcase the Porsche Panamera in an environment where participants can be able to experience for themselves the hype behind the highly-acclaimed car.”

Now into its’ third edition here in Singapore, the PWRS has been hosted in over 45 countries worldwide, playing host to more than 78,000 motoring enthusiasts, who have experienced for themselves the advanced technical features, power and world-class performance of Porsche’s wide range of sports cars and SUVs.

Look out for the full event coverage on oneshift soon!


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