“Power SUV” Is Motul’s High-Performance Engine Oil For SUV And Light Vehicle Owners

“Power SUV” Is Motul’s High-Performance Engine Oil For SUV And Light Vehicle Owners

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
16 Oct 2023

Who is the target market?

Motul's Power SUV engine oil is the top pick for adventure-loving customers in the Asia-Pacific region. It claims to deliver excellent reliability and performance, thanks to its superior detergency, keeping the engine clean and running smoothly even in off-road conditions. This product is part of Motul's commitment to serving automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Engine oil for SUVs?

Yes, it's suitable for both diesel and gasoline SUV engines. With a 7-litre pack size, it's ideal for most full-size SUVs in the Asia-Pacific region. This release underscores Motul's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers and solidifying its position as the go-to choice for lubricants in the region's competitive market.

What’s the difference?

It's crafted with advanced 100% synthetic high-performance technology, ensuring exceptional performance and offering features such as engine protection, easy maintenance, extended longevity, increased oil durability and improved fuel economy. These benefits make it ideal for smoother road trips and daily drives, even in unpredictable weather and challenging road conditions across the Asia-Pacific region.

Engineered to be versatile.

Motul's Power SUV is a highly versatile engine oil designed to meet the demands of both practical and leisure SUV use. It holds certifications for API SP and ACEA C3, making it suitable for all types of SUVs. Motul works closely with OEMs and automotive brands to ensure compatibility with different car models. The product comes in two sizes (1 liter and 7 litres) and is adaptable for both gasoline and diesel engines. The larger 7-litre option is well-suited for larger SUVs, emphasising its utility for worry-free long journeys.


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