Relive Memories Of Gran Turismo 2 At SUPER GT Season Opener

Relive Memories Of Gran Turismo 2 At SUPER GT Season Opener

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
25 Apr 2023

Formula One might dominate conversations among peers given its glitz and glamour and local venue representation at the Singapore Grand Prix, but other racing series are no less interesting. Just ask those who religiously follow AUTOBACS SUPER GT. The top-tier of sports car racing in Japan started in 1993, with machines registered for racing loosely based on mass production sports cars - an attribute we reckon makes this series more relatable. Not forgetting hours spent on Gran Turismo 2 at the turn of the millennium...

The 2023 season of the world renowned AUTOBACS SUPER GT series kicked off last weekend with the opener being held from April 15 to 16 at the Okayama International Circuit, with 2 Motul-liveried Nissan Z GT500s occupying the top 2 spots of the podium. #23 MOTUL AUTECH Z drivers Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli successfully claimed victory while #3 Niterra MOTUL Z driven by Katsumasa Chiyo and Mitsunori Takaboshi took second place.

#23 MOTUL AUTECH Z began strong during qualifying as Matsuda secured pole position. Race day started off with clear skies for the pre-race warm-up, however moments before the race, track conditions worsened with excessive amounts of rainfall but Quintarelli still managed to maintain the lead. The Japanese co-driver took over once the rainfall dramatically worsened and executed a flawless performance going through the scheduled rounds of pit stops, allowing #23 MOTUL AUTECH Z to emerge in the lead towards the final laps, and eventually securing the win.

The Japanese drivers of #3 Niterra MOTUL Z began the race following from its 2nd-place grid start and changed positions throughout, even dropping to 13th at one point. From the team's successful execution of race strategies and switching drivers from Chiyo to Takaboshi after pitting on the 44th lap, #3 Niterra MOTUL Z made a comeback for the second position.

The partnership between NISMO and Motul has lasted over two decades. Throughout this partnership, Motul has worked closely with the racing team to design and formulate lubricants for NISMO’s stable of powerful cars such as the Nissan Z GT500. At Okayama, the superiority of Motul’s 300V, Gear Competition Transmission Oil and Racing Brake Fluid were on full display, allowing teams to perform at their very best. Furthermore, rigorous testing of these lubricants and fluids provide Motul with invaluable data and insights, which ultimately shapes the products for everyday consumers around Asia and the world.

*Images supplied by NISMO


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