Ride These Secondhand Bicycles On Days You Don’t Feel Like Driving

Ride These Secondhand Bicycles On Days You Don’t Feel Like Driving

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
21 Mar 2024

With COEs and fuel prices not showing signs of dipping anytime soon, it comes as no surprise that we’re always on the hunt for alternative modes of transport. Cycling can be a viable option given that plans are in place for 1,300km worth of cycling paths islandwide. Sure, it’s tough to give up driving (that can be reserved for road trips), but if your daily commute encourages cycling, one should give it a try.

Which is why this eco-conscious initiative between Decathlon and Carousell slots in like hand in glove. Through this partnership, users can now easily buy and sell quality-assured secondhand bicycles on the Carousell platform, each of which are meticulously inspected and refurbished by Decathlon's seasoned experts before being listed for sale on the Official Decathlon Carousell Store.

With the new partnership, users can now easily buy and sell quality-assured secondhand bicycles that have been inspected and refurbished by Decathlon on the Carousell platform. Users who would like to sell their bicycle can schedule an appointment with Decathlon directly on the Carousell app via the ‘Sell to Carousell Bicycle’ button.

Each bike then undergoes meticulous inspection and refurbishing by Decathlon’s seasoned experts before being put for sale, like this Sport Trail Bike ST 520, on Decathlon's Official Second Life Store on Carousell @decathlon_secondlife. Each secondhand bicycle on @decathlon_secondlife comes with two-year warranty by Decathlon, and users can pay securely with Carousell’s one-click checkout ‘Buy’ button with Buyer Protection.

With the partnership, Decathlon aims to reach an even larger audience by tapping on Carousell’s platform-wide reach of 1 in 3 Singaporeans, many of whom are high-intent secondhand shoppers, amidst the rising demand for more sustainable shopping habits.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in Decathlon’s commitment to environmental responsibility by making it more convenient for users to participate in the circular economy. By embracing recommerce, Decathlon is not only offering an eco-friendly alternative to its customers but is also contributing to a more sustainable future for the sporting industry, in line with Singapore’s push for adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

The partnership — which is the first-time that Decathlon is bringing its existing bicycle trade-in programme to a recommerce platform in Singapore — comes on the back of the success of its Second Life programme, which was initially introduced in Singapore in 2022, and allows shoppers to purchase goods that have been returned to Decathlon and refurbished at even lower prices. Decathlon plans in the near future to extend this trade-in programme to more categories of sport.


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