SG: Four Drivers Achieve More Than 50 Percent Improvement In Fuel Efficiency In Shell Driving Challenge

SG: Four Drivers Achieve More Than 50 Percent Improvement In Fuel Efficiency In Shell Driving Challenge

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
15 May 2014

Driving in a Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6L on a full tank of Shell FuelSave, all four drivers experienced first-hand how Shell FuelSave Tips such as avoiding over-revving and excess idling, driving smoothly, and planning trips carefully, can make a tangible difference to fuel consumption.

Melissa Huang speaks about her experience: “The Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 was indeed an eye-opener for me. I never knew that making small tweaks to my driving habits, even as simple as keeping at two thousand RPM at all times, would make a considerable difference to my fuel efficiency! On my second drive, I applied handy tips such as switching off the aircon, as well as the car engine at major junctions. I am truly inspired to drive differently now and would like to encourage all drivers, especially heavy road users like me, to take the first step in understanding and embracing fuel-efficient driving. I strongly believe that all the small changes added up will make a significant difference to my fuel consumption and fuel expenses.”

Ms. Huang, along with the three other participants – Mr. Ong Kah Teng, Mr. Albert Lum Teck Meng, and Ms. Noor Izlin Bte Ismail – were identified to participate in this driving challenge as they, like many other Singaporeans, spend a large part of their time on the roads – be it for work, leisure, or passion. Mr. Ong is a network engineer, a multi-destination driver who drives his son to school and work on weekdays and regularly takes his family out for food adventures in Singapore and Malaysia. Albert, being a financial services agent by profession, is required to drive around Singapore to meet his clients and prospects on a daily basis. Ms. Izlin juggles her time between work and family, working in advertising and is a mum to three kids; and Melissa is a qualified nurse by day and a car enthusiast on the side.

To date, over 800,000 drivers in Singapore have been touched by Shell’s efforts to educate road users on how to be more fuel-efficient1. As an on-going initiative to reach out to even more motorists, Shell today introduced the Shell FuelSave Log Card, a mini-booklet which allows drivers to track their fuel efficiency and manually log their results upon refueling. Available at all Shell stations in Singapore (while stocks last), this Shell FuelSave Log Card aims to encourage drivers to be more self-aware of their driving habits and take steps to drive more fuel-efficiently.

Mr. Louis Tan, General Manager, Retail Sales and Operations, Shell Singapore, says: “We are extremely encouraged by the results of the Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014. The substantial improvement in the fuel efficiency scores of our participants clearly demonstrates that by putting the Shell FuelSave Tips into practice, drivers are able to go further on their tank of fuel.”

Credits: Oneshift News Team

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