The New Volvo V40 Cross Country

The New Volvo V40 Cross Country

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
21 Jan 2013

[B]Pedestrian Airbag Technology[/B]
In order to mitigate the consequences if a collision with a pedestrian is unavoidable, the New VolvornV40 Cross Country features the newly developed Pedestrian Airbag Technology, a world first.rnrnSensors in the front bumper register the physical contact between the car and the pedestrian.

The rear end of the bonnet is released and at the same time elevated by the deploying airbag.

The inflated airbag covers the area under the raised bonnet plus approximately one third of thernwindscreen area and the lower part of the A-pillar. The raised bonnet and airbag will help reducernthe severity of pedestrian injuries.

[B]Pedestrian Detection[/B]
Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a technology that can detect if a pedestrian steps outrninto the road in front of the car. If the driver does not respond in time, the car can warn andrnautomatically activate the brakes. No other car in this class features a similar technology.

Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake consists of a radar unit integrated into the car's grille,a camera fitted in front of the interior rear-view mirror, and a central control unit. The radar's taskrnis to detect a pedestrian or vehicle in front of the car and to determine the distance to it. The camera determines what type of object it is.

Thanks to the dual-mode radar's wide field of vision, pedestrians about to step into the roadway can also be detected early on. The innovative technology is programmed to trace a pedestrian's pattern of movement and also to calculate whether he or she is likely to step into the road in front of the car.The system can detect pedestrians who are 80 cm tall and above.In an emergency situation, the driver first receives an audible warning combined with a flashing light in the windscreen's head-up display. If the driver does not react to the warning and a collision is imminent, full braking power is automatically applied. Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake can avoid a collision with a pedestrian at speeds up to 35 km/h if the driver does not react in time. At higher speeds, the focus is on reducing the car'srnspeed as much as possible prior to impact.

[B]Park Assist Pilot[/B]
When the driver activates the Park Assist Pilot, the sensors start to scan the side of the car. Whenrna parking slot measuring a minimum of 1.2 times the car's length is detected, the driver is notified byrnan audible signal and advised to stop via a message in the instrument cluster.

The display guides the driver step by step via texts and animations in the instrument cluster until therncar is correctly parked. Although the driver initially engages reverse gear and continues to controL the speed of the car, steering is taken over by the Park Assist Pilot. When parking is completed the driver is notified by an audible signal and a text message. The New Volvo V40 Cross Country can also be equipped with a rear park assist camera and park assist sensors front and rear.

[B]Cross Traffic Alert[/B]
Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the car to alert the driver to crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view might be limited due to infrastructure, vegetation or otherrnparked cars.

The function warns of traffic up to 30 metres from the car. Smaller objects like bicycles and pedestrians may also be detected, but not always and only at a shorter distance. The alert, which remains active as long as the target is present in the zone, is delivered to the driver as an audible signal and a warning in the centre screen.

[B]Adaptive Cruise Control & Distance Alert[/B]The New Volvo V40 Cross Country can be equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which promotes comfortable driving by using radar to automatically maintain a set time gap to the car infront. The driver sets the desired maximum speed and chooses a time interval to the vehicle in front.When the radar sensor detects a slower vehicle, the car's speed is automatically adapted to match the vehicle in front.

The Queue Assist function on cars with automatic gearbox maintains the set gap all the way down to standstill, making this comfort-enhancing system extremely useful even in slow-moving queues with repeated starting and stopping.

Distance Alert is a feature that helps the driver to keep a safe distance to the vehicle in front. He or she chooses between five different time gaps via buttons on the steering wheel. The selected gap is shown in the speedometer display. A light in the head-up display informs the driver if the gap to the car in front becomes too short.

[B]Collision Warning and auto brake[/B]
Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake is a further development of the Collision Warning with Auto Brake technology already introduced by Volvo Car Corporation. The New Volvo V40 Cross Country can also detect, alert and automatically brake if the car risks colliding with another vehicle in front.

The aim of the initial warning is to alert the driver so that he or she can brake or avoid the danger. If the driver does not react in time to the warning, the car automatically activates full braking power.

With automatic braking, the collision can be avoided if the speed difference between the two vehicles is up to 35 km/h. Collision Warning and auto brake was considered the best auto braking system in the world in a test by German organisation ADAC in 2011.

In the New Volvo V40 Cross Country, auto brake performance at higher speeds has been improved compared to previous versions.

[B]Steering with precise response[/B]
The steering column's thick tubing and stiff insulator increase torsional rigidity. This also contributes to the enhanced feeling of direct contact with the wheels and the road.

The optional Electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS) uses an electrical motor to support the steering rack and the driver can choose between three levels of power assistance:In Low mode, the system provides a high degree of power support, making manoeuvring easier.

Medium mode has somewhat lower power support to offer more road response at higher speeds. High mode is the ultimate setting for the enthusiastic driver, contributing to the car's dynamic character.

Electrical Power Assist Steering enables integration of safety and driver support functions that involve the steering, such as Lane Keeping Aid and Park Assist Pilot.

[B]World-class audio experience[/B]
The most advanced audio unit has a class D digital 5x130W amplifier, Dolby Digital in combination with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround, the latest MultEQ from Audyssey Laboratories and 10 loudspeakers.

The market-leading MultEQ technology from Audyssey Laboratories eliminates the distortion that might otherwise be caused by the passenger compartment's particular acoustic properties. The result is crisper and clearer sound for everyone in the car. Dolby Digital provides a more distinct surround-sound audio experience from Dolby Digital soundtracks. The result is perfect concert quality when listening to live-recorded music. The system also features Dolby Pro Logic II Surround, which transforms ordinary stereo content into rich, full- range surround sound. The audio experience can be optimised in three different ways - for the best possible enjoyment in the driver's seat, the two front seats or the rear seat. Premium Sound can play DVDs, CDs and USBs with music in MP3, AAC or WMA format as well as AVI and Video Div-X. The system also includes Bluetooth capability (A2DP).

For hooking up other equipment such as a portable MP3 player, iPod (from Generation 3), iPod Touch or iPhone, all the audio systems now feature an AUX (Performance) or USB connection as standard. From the High Performance Multimedia level, USB also supports Video Div-X.

[B]Personal Car Communicator[/B]
The New Volvo V40 Cross Country is available with a Personal Car Communicator remote that enables keyless drive. The remote can both transmit and receive signals, providing the driver with locking and alarm information. The positions of the driver's seat and the door mirrors are stored in the memory when the car is locked.

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