This EV-Specific Insurance Plan Could Be The Policy EV Owners Have Been Waiting For

This EV-Specific Insurance Plan Could Be The Policy EV Owners Have Been Waiting For

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
03 Nov 2023

Allianz Insurance Singapore has introduced a specialised insurance plan called Allianz Electric Motor Protect, designed to cater to the specific requirements of EV owners in Singapore.

This comprehensive policy offers coverage for accidental damage, theft and cyber threats. As Singapore embraces a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, Allianz is committed to supporting this transition and aligning with its sustainability goals, including proper preparation for the increase of EV on local roads.

Currently, Allianz Electric Motor Protect offers coverage for your vehicle’s electric and electronic components, 24/7 roadside assistance and more specifically for EV owners, cover against external damages such as private EV charging stations. A quick search revealed three workshops or accident reporting centres (mainly situated in the North and West of Singapore) authorised by Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd., which we believe will increase when demand climbs.

In order to better address the changing needs of EV owners, Allianz Insurance Singapore is continuously improving the benefits of Allianz Electric Motor Protect, ensuring a seamless and secure transition to greener mobility within the city-state and beyond.


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