This Is Continental’s Newest High Performance Tyre

This Is Continental’s Newest High Performance Tyre

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
12 Apr 2024

Continental Tires has launched the MaxContact MC7 tyre, specifically designed for drivers in the Asia Pacific region. This high-performance product aims to enhance urban driving experiences by offering more precise steering, dynamic handling and overall improved driving performance.

25 engineers, 8,000 hours of R&D

“Developed and tested by a team of 25 engineers and material experts through more than 8,000 hours in R&D, we engineered a high-performance sporty tyre that meets the unique needs of the drivers who seek the thrill from their everyday driving,” said Mr. Tolga Mutlu, Head of Product Management, Continental Replacement Tires APAC, “the new MaxContact MC7 offers just that.”

Tuned to maximise contact, literally!

The MaxContact MC7 boasts refined handling and exceptional stability, particularly during sharp turns and high-speed driving. Achieved through optimised pressure distribution, it widens the tyre’s contact area for better control. “Cornering Macroblocks” redistribute force, enhancing stability, while the “ReFlex Compound” improves steering response and accuracy by resisting tyre deformation.

Reducing aquaplaning

The MaxContact MC7 prioritises safety in Asia Pacific's wet weather conditions. It offers improved grip and shorter braking distances through features like 3D Laser-cut Sipes, which expel water efficiently to reduce aquaplaning risk. The ReFlex compound's silica tech enhances energy transfer during braking for shorter stopping distances.

BRABUS approved

You know that Continental is not mucking around when it has collaborated with the tuner to assess the performance of the MaxContact MC7. The testing occurred at Continental's Contidrom facility, utilising the BRABUS 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition 1 of 25 vehicle. This test aimed to showcase the tyre’s capabilities in handling the 900Nm of torque, while maintaining precise steering and maximum control. Tyres used were 275/35R21 for the front and 315/30R21 for the rear.


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