VINCAR Is Now The Authorised Distributor Of AION

VINCAR Is Now The Authorised Distributor Of AION

Gerald Yuen
Gerald Yuen
03 Sep 2023

Those well versed in the local automotive scene would have heard of Vincar, a leading parallel importer of luxury and specialised cars in Singapore. Vehicles (or unique specs of cars) we don't get to see in local dealerships might be offered by Vincar - Honda Civic Type R (FL5), Chevy Corvette C8, petrol-powered Ford Ranger Raptor - you get the drift.

It has achieved notable success in pioneering the electric vehicle market, too. They’ve recognised that the primary factor driving customer loyalty to Vincar is the exceptional customer experience they offer. In order to elevate this customer experience in the realm of Electric Vehicles, Vincar established Vincar EV in 2021.

Demonstrating their commitment to expanding in the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sector, they have officially declared that Vincar EV will serve as the exclusive distributor for GAC AION in Singapore. The formalisation of this agreement took place on August 25, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, underscoring their dedication to this competitive market.

“This is an amazing milestone in the Vincar journey. Our principal has endorsed us by appointing Vincar EV as their exclusive distributor. It is now our mission to make AION EVs a compelling choice in Singapore.” Vincent Tan, CEO Vincar.

What AION Y Plus specs are we exactly getting? It’s anyone’s guess right now, but stay tuned for more updates from Vincar’s EV wing.


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