Volvo Opens The AstaZero Proving Ground

Volvo Opens The AstaZero Proving Ground

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
22 Aug 2014

One of the facility’s greatest assets is its flexibility, with a design that permits the construction of unique, customised environments. As Pether Wallin, CEO of AstaZero, says, “You can simulate all types of real-world traffic scenarios. At most proving grounds, the options are more limited.”

The centre can accommodate a wide range of test conditions, such as those found on busy city roads, highways, multi-lane motorways and crossroads. These conditions are crucial for studying the way cars interact with moving obstacles such as other cars, pedestrians, cycles, mopeds, motorcycles, trucks, buses and even animals that suddenly appear. In certain studies, for example those involving complex traffic situations and high speeds, robots will operate the test vehicles.

One of AstaZero’s main functions will be as a platform for the research and development of next-generation safety technologies. Here, in collaboration with universities and industry partners, Volvo Cars will undertake a range of initiatives, from strategic vehicle research and innovation projects to targeted research projects.

‪The work at AstaZero will also include the development and testing of autonomous driving technology, an intelligent driver support system designed to reduce accidents while improving the driving experience. Advanced systems are also under progress to further help prevent, for example, inattentiveness and driver fatigue.

AstaZero’s total surface area amounts to about 2,000,000 square metres with a paved surface of 250,000 square metres. The facility is encircled by a 5.7 kilometre highway connected to a city environment with four blocks, 40 by 25 metres. AstaZero also features a high-speed area consisting of a circle, 240 metres in diameter, with “drop add-ons” joined to a 700-metre long multilane road.

Credits: Oneshift News Team

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