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2024 Peugeot E-2008 Review: Better All-Round

The E-2008 addresses its previous weaknesses to come out stronger and more compelling.
James Wong
James Wong
20 Jun 2024
... where many BEVs crumble under the ballast of their battery weight, the E-2008 displays no such sloppiness.
What we like:
Good to drive
Rides well
Spacious for its class
What we dislike:
Range has improved a lot but it is still a concern for some

Some 1.5 years have passed since we test drove the e-2008, Peugeot’s first BEV for Singapore. We found it a car that punches above its weight, with ‘large car’ dynamics: impressive interior space and comfy suspension. The facelifted model replaces it and now comes with a capitalised ‘E’ in its name.

Has the E-2008 only changed its name?

Of course not. The foremost change is that its battery capacity has increased to 54 kWh, while it has some new ‘claw’ daytime running lights up front and overall sharpened looks.

There is slightly more power - an increase of 4 hp and 10 Nm - but I can’t say I noticed the difference on the road. However, the E-2008 accelerates 1 second faster from 0 to 100 km/h on paper, and the sprint is now completed in 9.1 seconds. There is the same pleasurable ‘kickdown’ switch on the accelerator pedal that unlocks a tad more power.

Official energy consumption has also improved by 0.4 kWh/100km, to 14.1 kWh/100km.

Here’s what comes up most on Google: what is the range of the facelifted Peugeot E-2008?

The larger battery allows it to achieve a range of 436 km on the WLTP cycle, which is a significant increase over the 345 km WLTP range of the pre-facelift car.

While I struggled to hit 300 km in real world range with the pre-facelift car, in this E-2008 I reckon this would be easily achieved, and much more. This means less time spent charging and worrying about range, which was my main bugbear of the E-2008’s predecessor.

What are the common problems of the Peugeot E-2008?

None that we know of, really - I suppose the infotainment system is a little laggy and cumbersome to use, but overall the car was very reliable and ran like clockwork during our test drive. Being a BEV I don’t foresee any major problems occurring with the car.

Is the Peugeot E-2008 good for a long drive?

Very much so. Its lovely ride has been retained and reminds me why the E-2008 is such a pleasure to drive daily - it just cushions out all of the roughness of the road out. It feels agile and light on its feet - 1,548 kg is rather featherweight in BEV terms - and pursues a ‘less is more’ approach. It works very well; where many BEVs crumble under the ballast of their battery weight, the E-2008 displays no such sloppiness.

How fast can you charge a Peugeot E-2008?

It’s equipped with a 100kW DC and 11kW AC on-board charger, and the former takes 30 minutes to charge from 0 to 80% - essentially the same as the pre-facelift car, despite having a bigger battery.

Would you recommend the Peugeot E-2008?

The onslaught of Chinese BEVs is upon us and many will claim to be faster, or prettier, or better built, or more efficient than the E-2008. But if you wanted something more affordable that’s still made in Europe and drives with European values, the E-2008 lives up to expectations.

Photos by James Wong


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