Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS SW Selespeed Review: Making The Girlfriend Jealous

Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS SW Selespeed Review: Making The Girlfriend Jealous

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
08 Jul 2007

Driving it around corners with the Sport mode on further affirmed the impressions. It turned in responsively, held its ground without much body roll and recovered after a bend without so much as a bounce-back jerk.

Being a front-wheel driven estate with about 1,540 kg of kerb weight, naturally it would have lower limits, when steered around hard, and understeer.

But barely.

The tyres felt like they were squealing with delight more than screaming in protest. Yet, not once did it appear to be losing control when put on the edge, and was always calm and ready to respond quickly to the next driver input.

Being a down-to-earth Diva

Back in the city, the 159 Sportwagon is far from your typical flashy Italian supercar, but it definitely will not look inferior when parked beside them.

Designed by the legendary Giugario, it has sleek, clean lines and curves at all the right places. It does not go all out to grab the attention of the uninformed passer-by. But when it does, even girlfriends would be jealous.

Even though the six-speed Selespeed is slow, it can be worked with to give very smooth gear changes. But working with it means changing the gears yourself.

Almost sounding like a recipe – you need to pull on the right paddle-shifter, lift off a little, wait a split second more and then apply the throttle back on gently. Al Dente!

With Sport mode on, it is a slightly different story. High on the revs, the gear changes with a rather forceful dump of the clutch, as if someone was doing a manual up shift for you. It is noticeably faster, however, and will still please the senses of anyone behind the wheel.

So, it looks fabulously charming, even on the inside, sounds just as fantastic, goes round bends like a Salsa champion on the dance floor and can carry a load if it needs to. Though, the last one is of least concern. On the other hand, it is only adequately quick, and rather thirsty.

The big question is, could you possibly buy a car because you love its looks and its feel so much? It is a considerable amount of money, but it also is a very beautiful car.

Prices start from about $139,000 for the normal Sportwagon to $151,000 for the luxury spec variant.

What you get for the extra 12 grand or so, are a really potent, 12-speaker BOSE in-car-entertainment system, complete with amplifiers and subwoofers, rear parking sensors, Bi-Xenon headlamps with the headlight wash function and bigger 18-inch wheels with 235/45 tyres wrapped around.

Verdict? Definitely something to consider!

Credits: Text by Andy Hum, photos by Andy Hum and Amery Reuben

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