Boxer better

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
05 Jun 2015
What we like:
Decent sporty handling coupled with excellent all wheel drive stability. Large roomy interior.
What we dislike:
The turbocharged models of the past will be missed by some.

On the road, it’s obvious the ride comfort is tuned towards performance. While firm, the car remains pliant without the crashiness experienced in an all-out performance sedan. Gearchange is smooth thanks to its CVT transmission but has the accompanying dull engine drone that such gearboxes induce.

Inside the cabin, the car is spacious and improves upon where the last generation left off. There’s an overwhelming gloom of dark grey plastics around the cabin but generally feels well put together. However we found the front passenger seats slightly uncomfortable due to the hunched posture they induce as opposed to an upright driving position.

The interior space is split pretty evenly between the front and back and rear passengers can find joy in the miles of legroom and headroom available. Even the boot is decently sized though not the largest in its class.

The new Legacy is well placed among its segment competitors and those who appreciate the attributes of a boxer engine will love it. But those that don’t shouldn’t pass on it either. It is well equipped with many continental type features that include keyless entry, touchscreen infotainment system, automatic wipers and lights. In short, it is an upscale Japanese sedan built on a performance biased chassis.

Credits: Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline

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