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Feeling The Energy

The ZS EV is currently the most affordable entry into an EV in Singapore. Its driving experience however, is far from being entry level. 
James Wong
James Wong
10 Dec 2020
"With 353 Nm of instant torque on tap and a 0-50 km/h time of 3.1 seconds, the ZS EV will thrill the driver surprisingly easily."
What we like:
Superb drivetrain with rapid response and strong delivery. Generally well mannered driving experience with no major ills. Great price.
What we dislike:
Interior is a little low rent and we’d prefer a more sophisticated suspension setup.

The ZS EV is the second of two models that MG is currently offering in Singapore, the other being the HS. The two are priced surprisingly close to each other so you may find yourself cross shopping between them. If you wanted to go the traditional route of a petrol-powered car, the HS definitely makes more sense, being a larger and more luxurious model for just $2000 more or so. However, if going electric is your thing, the ZS EV is the way to go. Both cars occupy distinct niches so they do not really compete.

What is notable is there is not much competition in the market for the ZS EV, either. Most comparable cars at its price point are hybrid options. If you wanted an electric car, you would have to pay a hefty premium over the ZS EV for the next available EV. It is currently the most affordable entry into an EV in Singapore, and it has been made even more accessible, thanks to revised government taxation structures that give the ZS EV an even lower entry price (at $106,888* including COE).

Although it is a starter EV in terms of price, its design is anything but. You are not making much of a compromise as the car looks pleasant and inoffensive. The Copenhagen Blue colour is also unique and offers different hues depending on the light. Sure, it is nowhere near what one would call beautiful, but it is a decent effort. Some EVs in the past have taken the uphill road of looking stylistically challenged, but the ZS EV looks entirely conventional.


Compared to the HS, the ZS’s interior feels noticeably cheaper. There are more hard plastics, less niceties and a plainer looking architecture. Because the HS appears to offer so much for the price, the ZS does seem to fall short here. It has a large panoramic roof that allows generous light in, but that is about the only talking point.

Some details hint at sophistication. The onboard computer gives a lot of information including tyre pressure readouts, EV information like motor speed and voltage and energy flow. If you thrive on details it is fun to toggle between the menus. Adjusting the battery regeneration and drive modes is also handily accessed via toggle switches just next to the gear selector.

The Drive

With 353 Nm of instant torque on tap and a 0-50 km/h time of 3.1 seconds, the ZS EV will thrill the driver surprisingly easily. Unlike other economy-focused EVs that dials down throttle response and boost, the ZS EV is not shy to use the full might of its drivetrain. The car is quick and will see off most cars at the traffic light, sports cars included.

Equipped with a torsion beam rear suspension, the car does ride one dimensionally over some surfaces. Most of the time however, it offers a good blend of comfort and handling. Because of the overwhelming torque, the front wheels are easy to spin, kicking traction control in often. The chassis also cannot quite keep up with the admittedly huge reserves of power the car can offer, but for the majority of driving it offers a quiet and comfortable ride.

One thing I found hard to modulate was the braking when coming to a stop. There is either too much or too little braking offered, so it takes some getting used to. Adjusting the regeneration helps, with the lowest regen setting offering the most natural braking experience.

Our Thoughts

Buying the ZS EV means getting an accomplished EV in its own right, even though it is the cheapest option in the market as at press time. We feel the positive energy from this one – strongly.

*as at 9 December 2020 at 15:00

Credits: James Wong

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