Honda Accord 2.0 Review: Accord No Disrespect

Honda Accord 2.0 Review: Accord No Disrespect

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
05 May 2008

Interior wise, it’s good-stuff in there. Having just returned the keys of the Volvo S80 T6 prior to taking the Accord, I must say that Honda is coming dangerously close to the Europeans in terms of build quality - plastics used are of high quality, everything is well put together, and the seats are so comfy, you can immediately feel at home the moment you rest on it. It’s so spacious, I reckon four average-sized adults can sit shoulder to shoulder without a huff. A cool feature it has? A USB adapter hidden smartly in the centre armrest – at least my iPod is put to good use.

Blame my age, but I just think that an opulent black interior will do a much nicer job for the interior…But then again, that’s just me.

I like the steering wheel – it’s not overly chunky, and when gripped, feels nice to the touch. Some might find the whole dash design too over-the-top, but then again you can’t blame Honda – they’re trying to reach out to a more diverse market with the Accord after all, hence in an attempt to give it a more modern touch, they came out with something decent like this. The multi-tiered controls look nice, but on the other hand, there seems to be too much button – it needs some getting used to, for you to toggle the right controls for the audio and the air-con.

It’s always the Camry versus the Accord all this while, and with the return of the Accord into our market, buyers in this segment will have to really test drive both cars to come up with a firm decision. Well, if the Civic can manage to snatch away the title from the Corolla Altis, it won’t be long before the Accord snatches more buyers from the Camry’s path.

And healthy sales figure of the Accord already justifies that - despite the 8k premium it has over the Camry...

Credits: Story & pictures by Azfar Hashim and David Khoo

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